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article imageOrganic milk as a fashion statement

By Viga Boland     Nov 16, 2011 in Environment
Hanover - For years, health organizations have touted the the benefits of drinking milk. But if the milk is organic and fails to meet the strict quality standards in Germany, you can wear it instead of drinking it.
A German biologist and fashion designer, Anke Domaske, has found an alternate use for milk that has expired or isn't up to scratch. She's making clothes from that milk.
Anke and her team have worked out how to extract protein that remains after all the liquid has been removed from the milk. The protein is then woven into a fabric that looks and feels like silk, but is a lot less expensive since it's produced without pesticides and hence, is also environmentally friendly.
Anke's award-winning new textile is called Qmilch. It took two years of trial and error to perfect this textile, and until now, has been used for Anke's own clothing line. However, she now plans to take this revolutionary textile into mass production.
How is this done? Once all the liquid has been extracted, the proteins are reduced to a powder. That powder is then boiled, pressed into strands and woven into fabric.
While Qmilch can be used to create silky, slinky dresses, it can also be woven into jersey-like material or even heavier fabrics.
Enquiries are coming in from around the world for this eco-friendly, alternative use for otherwise unwanted milk.
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