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article imageOp-Ed: Supreme Court can't help Obama's re-election

By Larry Clifton     Nov 15, 2011 in Politics
It’s great that the Supreme Court will decide whether the Majority Democratic Party in the 2010 Congress and the president exceeded their constitutional powers by requiring individuals to carry health insurance or pay a penalty.
But President Obama will likely lose the election in 2012 no matter what the high court decides.
The Supreme Court's colonoscopy of the Democrats’ ultra-partisan health care reform, that I will hereafter refer to as Obamacare, will serve to enlighten Americans who traditionally snag tainted political sound bites from MSNBC or one of the three old-media television networks that all basically support the Democratic Party.
Soon, many political novices who have been seated in the back of the political classroom shooting proverbial spitballs at opponents of Obamacare will understand that if the high court rules Obamacare constitutional, any future congress can force the American people to purchase anything it deems necessary under congressional interstate commerce powers.
This new unlimited mechanism for taxing Americans is what many refer to as the "tent pole" of Obamacare; Democrats must have the authority to force Americans to buy the insurance they are pedaling, make us pay a penalty if we don't purchase it or face federal charges or be sentenced to prison for non compliance.
On the other hand, if Obamacare can’t pass the high court’s version of a constitutional smell test and the deeply flawed legislation is deemed unconstitutional, Obama wasted two years on a massive failed entitlement program while our economy slipped away.
After such a ruling, a tiny light may appear at the end of Obama’s re-election campaign tunnel if corporations decide to take the cheaper penalty and not participate in employee-based health care programs. This might result in a temporary, limited economic expansion.
However Obamacare was suppose to expand healthcare, not make people lose their healthcare, so that tiny light at the end of the tunnel might turn out to be a huge Republican locomotive.
If Obama simply attempts to increase the health care penalty to match corporate healthcare costs, jobs will disappear faster than Senator Charles Rangel (D-NY) after a reporter asked him what he was doing at a Republican fundraiser he recently attended in error.
Also, if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Obamacare millions of Democrats, Republicans, Independents and A-politicals who are among the working poor will have a nifty new tax to pay. Many more working poor are subject to be laid off by 2014 when the major costs of Obamacare hit individuals and corporate America.
For that special element of the proletariat who think the government can just go to Red China and borrow a few trillion more and have a 24/7 printing party at the mint to pay for Obamacare – that won’t work.
Under the Obama administration the U.S. credit rating has been downgraded and besides, visiting the Greek Isles is one thing, but becoming a giant Greece is quite another. Having said that, we’re $15 trillion in the hole already and the trees required to produce enough cash for Obamacare might even turn environmentalists against Mr. Obama.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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