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article imageOp-Ed: Obama vs the torturers

By Alexander Baron     Nov 14, 2011 in Politics
Barack Obama may have been a disappointment as the candidate of change, but the alternatives in 2012 are a Christian Zionist who may well start World War III, and a woman who would allow the unemployed to starve.
Oh yeah, and they have both voiced support for torture; Michele Bachmann says waterboarding does not constitute torture, though she would probably change her mind if she experienced it.
First, let's take a closer look at Obama; on the negative side he hasn't done much for the economy, but the big question is would any other President have done any better? Ron Paul, for sure, but anyone else, probably not.
Away from the US though it has been a different story, top of the list was his tracking down and ordering the execution of Osama Bin Laden and then of Anwar al-Awlaki. To order the execution, assassination or - if you must - murder, of any individual is a dangerous path for any President to go down, but again the question is, would any other President have done any different? The answer is almost certainly no. Extraditing or even kidnapping Bin Laden and bringing him to the US for trial would have been a logistical nightmare, and may well have jeopardised the safety of Americans abroad, so brutal or even repulsive though it may seem to some minds, extra-judical execution may have been the only practical choice. Of course, the US should not make a habit out of this sort of thing, but the world is undoubtedly safer for the deaths of these two odious individuals, and the fact that there has been no backlash from mainstream Moslems probably indicates that they are comfortable with this approach too.
Far more positive has been Obama's outlawing of waterboarding, which he called torture and contrary to American traditions, and banned. Both Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have said they would restore the practice. Here's a hint guy and gal, when both David Duke and Harold Covington on the one hand and both the Pope and Shami Chakrabarti on the other say you're wrong, you probably are.
Then there is the Middle East; a detailed discussion of what electing Cain would mean for US relations in this part of the world can be found here. The really bad news is that Bachmann is cut from the same cloth, but there is worse to come, listen to this short clip.
When she talks about an honest day's work for an honest day's pay, clearly she is not referring to the banksters but to ordinary people, including that rapidly increasing social stratum known as the underclass. If Bachmann had started a charity to campaign against abortion or rampant homosexuality - her pet hates - she might have done something useful for America, but the thought of her winning the Presidency should strike fear into the heart of every sane American who wants to see an end to this insane cycle of perpetual wars for perpetual peace, something Obama might actually be able to do, if he can win a second term and kick Israel's mad dogs into line, that is if their warmongering cousins in AIPAC don't dupe America into attacking Iran first, as MJ Rosenberg seems to believe.
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