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article imageOp-Ed: Lord Fraud is back, and pleading for a second chance

By Alexander Baron     Nov 14, 2011 in Politics
London - Lord Taylor of Warwick is out of gaol and says he wants to make amends for dipping his hand into the public purse. He could start by taking on the crooks who haven't served hard time - the banksters.
Lord Taylor of Warwick is a typically diminutive intellect of the new class of peer. On November 10, he was interviewed by the BBC's Jeremy Vine, and managed to sound not only foolish but venal as well as unrepentant - I'm not someone who's ever been motivated by money (but I took it anyway). He is unquestionably both, but having said that, he has a long way to go before he reaches the depths plumbed by Lord Archer, much less those of Lord Lucan.
This morning, he appeared on the BBC Breakfast news programme where he repeated his whine of being punished heavily, and wanting to make amends.
While he was rightly convicted and justly sentenced, it has to be said that the whole sordid business of MPs' expenses and the resultant fiddles, which also affected the Lords in some measure, was hysterical beyond all meaning of the word. For a more reasoned view, click here.
While MPs were castigated, investigated and in a few cases prosecuted, the sums involved were literally trifling. Running parallel with this penny ante fiddling has been and continues the biggest rip off in history, the ongoing looting of Britain, Europe, America and the world by the banksters and the likes of self-styled trader Alessio Rastani.
If Lord Taylor truly wants to make amends then the poacher must turn gamekeeper. He can start by joining forces with Ben Dyson and his Positive Money gang who last week held a meeting at the Palace of Westminster where he used to hang out. Two MPs were present at this last meeting, and the financial reform movement already has a few supporters in the Upper House, another would be an asset, even one who has been caught with his hand in the till.
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