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Pig heads at Swiss mosque site outrage Muslims

By Katerina Nikolas     Nov 13, 2011 in World
Grenchen - Muslims are outraged by the desecration brought to the site of a planned mosque in Switzerland, as four pigs' heads and 120 litres of pigs blood was found at the site.
An anonymous tip off resulted in police officers in the Swiss town of Grenchen discovering four pigs' heads buried at the site of a planned mosque. A flier, written in German, said "This operation was done to protest against the growing expansion of Islam in Switzerland," On Islam reported. One hundred and twenty litres of pigs' blood was spread over the site to desecrate it.
The land had been purchased from a far right political activist who was unaware it was intended as the site for a mosque. He then fought the sale of the land in a civil court, only to lose, allowing plans for the construction to go forward.
In spite of the sacrilege of the site being contaminated with what Muslims regard as unclean pigs' blood, the spokesman for Switzerland's Central Islamic Council said that the mosqe construction will still go ahead. He said "We can just wait for the next rain or snowfall to cleanse the ground, so we do not fear from this side anything."
"But on the other hand it's an emotional thing, it means that there are actually people in this society who deny the right of Muslims when it comes to a mosque in Switzerland and this is something that hurts us." Police say the incident could have been a hate crime.
According to Naharnet around "400,000 of Switzerland's 7.6 million inhabitants are Muslim, mainly originating from the Balkans, Turkey, north, east and west Africa, and the Middle East." In 2009 Swiss voters decided in a referendum to ban minarets, in spite of the government opposing the ban. The BBC reported that some thought that the banning of minarets could incite a hate campaign against Swiss Muslims. At the time Tamir Hadjipolu, head of Zurich's Association of Muslim Organisations, said "This will cause major problems because during this campaign mosques were attacked, which we never experienced in 40 years in Switzerland." He went on to add "Islamaphobia has increased intensively."
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