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article imageOp-Ed: Pacquiao vs Marquez Pt III - Controversial Win for Pacquiao

By Nicole Byerly     Nov 13, 2011 in Sports
Las Vegas - Part three of this series of fights between Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez has been one of the most anticipated fights of the year.
The series, which began 7 years ago was two part; one victory to Pacquiao, and one draw. This fight was set to determine the true champion between the two as many fights were not satisfied with the draw nor the win for Pacquiao and believe that Marquez is the better fighter.
Going into the fight, some spectators believed Pacquiao was going to be the winner. He was chosen as the winner by 11 out of 15 judges prior to the big fight. This decision was quickly realized as being the wrong decision shortly into the first round and, shortly after the fight, not everyone is so sure about the win.
At the end of the fight, the crowd went wild, believing that Marquez was now the new champion. Pacquiao went down in his corner and prayed, and showed an expression of pure disappointment. But the celebration for Marquez and the feeling of loss for Pacquiao came to an end rather quickly.
After the full twelve round fight ended in Las Vegas tonight, Pacquiao was announced the winner- by majority decision. The three score cards read 14-14 tie, 16-12, 15-13 allowing Manny to continue to hold his championship belt. Anyone who was watching the fight questions why this was the decision of the fight and showed their disapproval of the fight by booing the champion once he was announced.
A silence broke out throughout the arena, and Marquez made his way out of the ring before being interviewed after the fight. Pacquiao stated in the interview “it was clear that I won,” however, this is not a proven statement. After the fight, it was announced that there would be an investigation with the three judges who scored the fight to determine if any foul play was involved in “fixing” the scores to present Manny Pacquiao as the winner.
Anticipating this fight, I wanted Pacquiao to win. The previous fight with Mosley had me extremely worried and, upon beginning this fight, it was justified. The fight was extremely disappointing to watch for me, as I believed Pacquiao had lost his great fighting ability. Through to the end of the fight, I was not impressed by neither fighter. I accepted that Pacquiao did not fight to his true potential and had lost a well fought fight by Marquez.
The score was announced and I was in complete disbelief. I admire Pacquiao as a fighter and I wanted him to win, but I honestly do not believe this victory was his to take home. I am convinced that this battle of the best will continue, but I do not know if Marquez will ever be able to prove himself fairly to the world unless Marquez vs Pacquiao ends in a knock out.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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