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article imageOp-Ed: Jihad in Albert Square — Moslems v 'Gays' in Eastenders

By Alexander Baron     Nov 12, 2011 in Entertainment
In 'Eastenders', an Islamic conspiracy has succeeded in breaking up the Square's odd 'couple'; in 'Emmerdale', the local vicar has an unpleasant 50th birthday present; while hearts are breaking in 'Coronation Street'.
It must be tough to be a sexually confused 15 year old, especially one like Ben Mitchell who has already done time for nearly killing a friend, as well as having Phil Mitchell for a Dad. Having falsely accused local butch queen Christian of inappropriate behaviour, he retracts, but only when recovering alcoholic Phil takes a baseball bat to Christian and his apartment.
Now, Christian having left the Square in a taxi, his Islamic catamite Syed, is sitting in the ruins when his estranged wife Amira tries to get close to him, only to be rebuffed. Amira has already gloated over Christian, although lurking in the background is the evil and manipulative Dr Khan, the two of them having been instrumental in the break up. It has to be said this plot has not gone down at all well with a certain high profile Londoner who also bats for the opposition. Read all about this here. What though will Britain's Moslems make of it, and have we seen the end? Does Amira really want Syed back, or will she lace his samosa with arsenic as soon as his guard is down, like that other Islamic temptress, Zoora Shah? He has shamed and disgraced her, after all.
Whether or not revenge is on Amira's mind, the evil Dr Khan has now consolidated his grip on his shamed ex-wife, who is now also Masood's ex-wife. I will be the last man who ever looks at you now, he gloats as he shows himself in his true colours at last as the two are alone together, and poor Zainab is so spaced out from the drugs he has hooked her on coupled with her family misfortunes that she is too weak to resist. Still, at least unlike the hapless Heather, overweight laundrette assistant, there are no plans to see her murdered in the New Year, although it appears that a death if not a murder is on the Christmas menu for one of Albert Square's embattled Moslems, the question is who?
In the more bucolic setting of Emmerdale village, local vicar Ashley has just had a 50th birthday surprise when he finds what he believes is irrefutable evidence of wife Laurel's infidelity. Actually, it is a little more complicated than that, but Laurel may find it difficult to explain that hotel room she is about to share with pub chef Marlon. For farmer's wife Moira, the time for explanations is long past as she has already admitted to having it off with bad lad Cain Dingle, who runs the local garage. Moira is about to move out of the family home, but at least unlike her eldest daughter she only gave her body to a man rather than sell it to buy drugs.
Meanwhile, still up north, but in the far from rural setting of Coronation Street, after her kid brother has plundered the rent money in a vain attempt to save his dying dog, Fiz returns home from prison with her young baby. Although she is still technically a convicted murderess, she has been granted bail while she appeals her conviction, her tragic husband having made a deathbed confession that will almost certainly absolve her.
One would have thought the poor woman had had enough, but not Sally Webster, who has already disrupted John Stape's funeral, which Fiz attended in handcuffs. Finally, the young widow has had enough of Sally, and the older woman looks like she is about to regret opening her big mouth once too often, (see picture below).
Freed on bail while she appeals her murder conviction  Fiz can take no more of Sally s Webster s jib...
Freed on bail while she appeals her murder conviction, Fiz can take no more of Sally's Webster's jibes.
An image released by ITV for promotional purposes (spoiler)
Sally is obviously still mad at John for having kidnapped her daughter - twice. Or is it because when she herself offered it to the handsome young English teacher on a plate he turned her down? Someone else who is fuming over love turned sour is local cab firm owner Lloyd, but at least he didn't end up in gaol falsely accused of rape like the actor who plays him, Craig Charles. Having said that, Christmas is coming, and there is no telling to what depths the scriptwriters will sink in the ongoing ratings war!
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