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article imageOccupy Cal: UC Berkeley students in violent skirmish with police

By Kim I. Hartman     Nov 11, 2011 in World
Berkeley - A video of what appears to be an unprovoked attack by UC Berkeley campus police against student protesters has created an avalanche of controversy from supporters who wonder what act of violence will be reported next at Occupy Protests nationwide.
More then 30 students were arrested Wednesday on the campus of UC Berkeley after UCPD moved to take control of an area where students were trying to set up an encampment, reports Associated Press.
The students were part of a group of hundreds of protesters who began gathering in "Sproul Plaza on Bancroft Street and Telegraph Avenue chanting “No cuts, no fees, education must be free,” and “The people, united, will never be divided,” while holding signs bearing slogans such as “Defend public education now,” according to the Daily Californian, who live-blogged the event.
Campus police, assisted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the Oakland Police Department, responded to the attempted take-over by the students in riot gear. Armed with batons and carrying zip-tie handcuffs the police attempted to establish a perimeter around the encampment. Dispersal orders were issued to protesters who responded with "will not be moved."
Students, who were in violation of an order by vice chancellor for student affairs, Harry Le Grande, that said demonstrators could stay overnight in the plaza and could have canopies, but were not permitted to have tents or sleeping bags, refused to leave when ordered. Le Grange had also banned cooking, make fires and sleeping during the Occupy protest.
Police responded to the refusal to disperse in a violent skirmish with demonstrators. Student's were struck with batons while camera's caught the disturbing scene on film. A number of video's have been posted on YouTube where they have went viral, receiving millions of views in days.
Protesters can be heard in the video footage chanting, "We are the 99%" and "Stop beating students."
The altercation with police resulted in the arrest of nearly 40 people. The Daily Californian reported the demonstrator's arrested were charged with "resisting, delaying a police officer in the performance of their duties and failure to disperse when given a dispersal order."
Student protesters have reportedly reestablished their camp after police retreated.
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