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article imageOp-Ed: Which one percenters should we be after?

By KJ Mullins     Nov 8, 2011 in World
Toronto - The Occupy Toronto movement is part of a global movement where protesters representing 99 percent of the population are fighting against the one percent who are in control of much of the world's power.
The Occupy Movement began in New York City started by a Canadian activist group, Adbusters. The members set out to have a peaceful protest against corporate greed and the influence the one percent who were the richest in the land have over government. Today that movement has spread globally, including Toronto.
In Toronto much of Canada's banking power is just blocks away from the St. James Park where the Occupy Toronto camp is. Are the bankers that work nine to five part of this one percent that the Occupy movement is against? Does the banking powers in Canada control the national infrastructure to a degree that only the richest get the best treatment when it comes to healthcare, education and other basic rights?
Most people will never make over $400,000 in a single year unless they luck out with a lottery win. Those who do regularly make in pay cheques over $400,000 are considered the one percenters. The reality is that many in North America could be considered one percenters by the rest of the one, only one percent of the globe's population bring in pay cheques of over $55,000 according to a CBC article.
In Canada healthcare is provided for all citizens. This is of course different from those who are protesting in the United States where many can't afford health insurance.
In the end the chance of global change from those who camp out in Occupy tent cities are unlikely to come in the near future. The marches will make for media stories but those in power aren't going to change their actions to satisfy those who sleep in a tent.
The goal of shifting power away from those in the top 1 percent depends which one percent you are looking at. The one percent who control the developed world or the one percent, those that live in the developed world, who are struggling to survive on what the rest of the world will unlikely see in their lifetime.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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