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article imageOp-Ed: Dying dogs, false abuse claims, and bucolic adultery in soapland

By Alexander Baron     Nov 8, 2011 in Entertainment
The unreal world of Britain's leading soap operas is calm at the moment, apart from a spot of adultery or three, a convicted murderess released on bail, and a dog whose vet bills bankrupt its owner before it is put to sleep.
Cat Stevens wrote a song in which he confessed “I love my dog as much as I love you”. Most women would pack their bags and leave if they were told that directly. Coronation Street's Chesney hasn't used that actual phrase, but his pregnant girlfriend is worrying about the rent, having just received an eviction notice, so what does he do when told by the vet that his dog may have cancer and should be put down? Naturally, he forks out for an operation. When his girlfriend questions the wisdom of this on humanitarian (dogatarian?) as well as financial grounds, he tells he he will never stop fighting for the things he cares about, and if she doesn't understand that, she knows where the door is.
(Preview here for the moment for those who can receive it).
It would be interesting to see that scenario played out in a lifeboat with him, his pregnant girlfriend, the dog, and only two seats. Alas, the dog has the operation, but to no avail, and needs another one. With the bailiff at the door, most people would think twice, but...Chesney's girlfriend is called Katy, so the big question has to be what will Katy do next? Or what will her builder father do?
There is or should be some joy in Chesney's life even if his girlfriend does walk out on him; his sister is released on bail. Although technically still a convicted murderess, the deathbed confession of her husband, the tragic John Stape, will probably be enough to convince the Court of Appeal that she is a victim of circumstance rather than a perpetrator.
Down south in Albert Square, things are becoming sordid as well as ugly with Ben Mitchell falsely accusing butch queen Christian of doing what no 39 year old male should do to a 15 year old of either sex, while having already been exposed as an arch-manipulator, the devious Dr Khan turns nasty with Zeinab, his first wife.
She has recently been divorced by her second husband, Masood, who now has his eye on a bit of nookie with Christian's sister, Ian Beale's latest ex-wife, taking up where they left off when she was Ian Beale's current wife and Masood was still married. As if that isn't enough, those wicked Moslems - Dr Khan and the lovely Amira - are now scheming against Christian together hoping to break up his happy home with Syed, so Amira can stake her claim to the father of her daughter and make him see the error of his ways, though it remains to be seen what is in it for Dr Khan. It is clear what is in it for Christian though, a baseball bat round the head from Ben's angry Dad, local hard man Phil Mitchell.
Finally, over in Emmerdale, in addition to the odd fatal accident - which we don't actually see - two extra-marital affairs are about to come to light, though curiously one is “just sex” and the other is restrained passion. Although local chef Marlon has confessed his love for her to vicar's wife, Laurel, and she her love for him, she has refused to allow things to progress further than a passionate embrace. Her big problem is that while you know that, dear reader, her husband doesn't.
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