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article imageViral Video: Boy dances to the beat of Michael Jackson

By Nancy Houser     Nov 8, 2011 in Entertainment
Michael Jackson is considered by experts in the field to be one of the most successful musical artists and dancers of all time. Even after his death, his songs cause all ages to instantaneously break out in dance as if Michael's magic is still here.
In a YouTube video gone viral with 576, 757 views in two days, a young boy named Frankie is listening to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson when his occasional "Michael moves" turn into a full-fledged dancing routine, inch by inch as if he cannot control himself with the music.
A natural dancer who appears to forget where he is, instead of loading the dish washer as he is supposed to, the young boy turns the kitchen into a dance floor as the rhythmic sounds of Michael Jackson fills the air. The more times you watch it, the more intense it becomes.
The video has many things going for it, in addition to Frankie. Four technical aspects work to make a video go viral on YouTube, according to Blogging Labs:
* The video needs to be entertaining, and anyone who has listened to Smooth Criminal automatically feels the beat in the entire body, as the boy's dancing demonstrates.
* It has to be over the top, which means it needs to reach beyond the video. Frankie's natural dancing with his face filled with the joy of the moment is all that is needed.
* The video needs to be unique. And unique it is---the moves begin building up, movement by movement---almost as if one of Michael Jackson's videos were coming alive, from start to finish. As the dance builds up, Frankie turns away from loading the machine to engross himself solely in skillful dancing.
* Keep it short, as in today's world, people become bored very quickly. And it helps if Dad gets caught with the camera, after hiding behind the kitchen door with it. This kept the video short.
* Make sure the video is quality, with good sound and image. If you cannot watch it, nobody else can either.
Obviously, all of these things were utilized or Frankie would never have gone viral, plus the boy is a good dancer that puts his heart and soul into Michael Jackson's sound.
All we can say out, world. Frankie is on his way!
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