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article imageInterview with Alexandre Rambaud, Founder and CEO of Agendize Special

By Cendrine Marrouat     Nov 7, 2011 in Technology
Agendize provides a set of conversion tools that help create live conversations between users and businesses. The startup has worked with companies like Renault and Today, I am pleased to feature Alexandre Rambaud, its founder and CEO.
Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Alexandre, thank you for answering my questions. As a starter, tell us a little bit about you.
Alexandre Rambaud: I’m 47 years old and a proud father of five kids. I’ve spent the last 20 years in the Internet industry, living in America and Europe. I have a passion for music, especially classical. I play the cello and sing in a local choir. I recently had the opportunity to perform with one of my music idols, Jean-Louis Aubert from the French rock group, Telephone. It was amazing. I truly believe that my family, work and hobbies keep me young and energetic. Everyone needs to do something they love.
CM: Is there a particular event that triggered your desire to create Agendize? And when was the startup launched?
AR: After helping the CEOs of three startups to grow internationally, I decided it was the right time to start and grow my own business. I chose a relevant problem not yet solved on the Internet (the interactions between users and websites) and decided to put all my energy and finance into building a profitable company.
CM: Agendize has four co-founders. How did you all meet?
AR: We all met working at our last startup, Mediapps. Christophe and Cedric were the best developers in the company and two of the best that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Freddy Mini (CEO Netvibes) was on our board. It’s important to start a business with people you trust and get along with.
CM: What makes Agendize different from other platforms in the same field?
AR: There are many ways for customers to interact and start a conversation with businesses online and offline. Our competitors focus on just one aspect of customer service and loyalty. They only offer one web tool for chat, click to call, appointment scheduling and forms. We provide more solutions by offering several tools that are easily managed from one platform. A website powered by Agendize offers more opportunities for customers to interact and buy. It’s simple and it works.
CM: Which tools do companies/entrepreneurs use the most? And who is your average customer?
AR: The beauty of Agendize is that different tools work for different industries. We help several medical professionals who use our appointment scheduling tool to book more online appointments and organize their patient lists. Our eRetailers love Live Chat so they can guide their customers as they shop, especially during check-out. Many non-profits will use our form builder, to manage donations and donor data. The list goes on and on.
Our customers are so diverse because we cater to all kinds of industries, big and small. The same tools that drive a three-person person startup are powerful enough to serve our clients like Videotron and Desjardins, who deal with thousands of customers a day.
CM: The company's website says that you have "powered over 20 million actions in over 20 countries to date." What does 'action' mean?
AR: Actions means calls, appointments, chats, conversations and recommendations to friends.
CM: How have you used social media to create a buzz about Agendize?
AR: We invest a lot of time and effort in social media. We hired a full-time community manager who takes care of our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and our company blog. We use those venues to educate people on the many benefits of Agendize, offering tips, tutorials and screencasts. It’s not uncommon for us to receive a technical question over Twitter either.
Social media gives us a voice and community. It makes Agendize more human. Customers want to deal with real people. Fast and easy. That’s what we’re all about.
CM: Where do you see the company in five years?
AR: As the market leader in customer interaction software. We hope to help millions of companies worldwide to reach their goals. Our tools are in constant development. We rely a lot on our clients’ feedback to guide us on what to improve next.
Who knows what’s next? All I can say is that we will work on getting there and being ahead.
CM: Where can people find more information on Agendize?
AR: Our website is You can chat or call us from there. Follow us on Twitter too @agendize
CM: Any last words?
AR: Don’t ever underestimate the importance of your customers. You will succeed if you go above and beyond their expectations. That’s a lesson I live by. I’ve been so lucky to meet so many people that have inspired me to start my own business and succeed.
Asking questions and meeting new people with new ideas will help you grow. Don’t be shy. Feel free to get in touch with me over LinkedIn if you have any questions.
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