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article imageHitler didn’t commit suicide, claims British journalist

By Steffan Ileman     Nov 6, 2011 in Politics
British journalist Gerrard Williams says he’s found evidence that Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun didn’t die in their Berlin bunker as generally believed, but escaped to Argentina where he died in 1962.
Gerrard Williams’ findings are based on testimony of Peter Baumgart reported in 1947 by Reuters and Associated Press, and other witnesses. Captain Baumgart is the German pilot that is said to have flown Hitler out of Germany. Baumgart first flew the plane to Denmark and then to south of Barcelona in Spain where they received assistance from the Franco government. General Franco’s Fascists had come to power in Spain after a bloody civil war, and with extensive military and financial support from Hitler’s Germany. From Spain they flew on to the Canary Islands where they boarded a German U-boat. They landed in Argentina to join a German colony where Hitler raised two daughters and died in 1962. This story is detailed in Williams’ book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler”, which he co-authored with Simon Dunstan.
Official version of Hitler’s death as announced by the Allies, was that he had committed suicide in his bunker during the Soviet occupation of Berlin and his body was incinerated. It is rumoured that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin never believed this story.
Jewish Telegraph of the U.K. published this story in its November 4 issue under the headline “Hitler Suicide Is Biggest Lie.” Williams says there is no forensic evidence on Hitler’s suicide, while there’s plenty to prove that he escaped to Argentina. One of the claims made in the book is that the U.S. might have been complicit in letting Hitler escape in return for German war technology. Nazi Germany had produced the world’s first jet aircraft and rocket technology and had come inches close to producing the first atomic bomb. Americans and Russians fought over German scientists and it was German scientists on both sides that fuelled the Cold War. One of the prize catches for Americans was Wernher von Braun, inventor of the V2 ballistic missile that terrorised London, who helped launch NASA into space.
It is rumoured that a large number of Nazis escaped to South America where most of them settled in Paraguay and Argentina. Nazi hunters, the most famous of whom was Simon Wiesenthal, tracked some of these down. The most publicised case was that of Adolf Eichmann who was brought to Israel, put on trial, and executed for war crimes.
The author says his book, which is being made into a movie, drew an adverse reaction from Germans. To many Germans Hitler is still a symbol of national pride or of something they'd rather forget. Williams’ book, on sale at, has received mixed reviews and remains to be seen as a convincing compilation of evidence on Hitler’s death.
This is not the first time that such a claim has been made. See the National Geographic video below.
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