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article imageFamily, friends top concerns of worried Greek-Canadians Special

By Alexandra Christopoulos     Nov 5, 2011 in World
Toronto - Topping world news, the economic crisis in Greece has left many in a confused haze. But fellow Greeks in Toronto, who rely on word from relatives and friends over there say they think the worrisome situation is a load of Acropolis.
"It's certainly not the glory days of Alexander the Great anymore," says Theodore Nanos, who communicates regularly with his cousins about the massive disruptions Greeks in Greece are faced with.
As a concerned family member, Nanos says he is very discerned the country has had its share of financial woes for some time.
"So many jobs are being lost, it's unbelievable to me that 11 million people can have this sort of impact," says Nanos.
Earlier this week, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou narrowly survived a non-confidence motion, but could still be expected to resign from office.
After graduating from university last spring, Nanos visited his family in Greece, where he says witnessing some of the economic hardships did little to alleviate the stresses and anxieties of worried families and citizens.
"A lot want to leave," Nanos explained, including his cousin in Corinth, who is currently studying abroad. "Everything's been impacted. It's pretty much a 'get me outta here type of situation."
Margie Gianouris, a hairdresser who owns a busy salon, agreed.
"It's very noticeable, believe me. Everyone is an uproar. People are confused, insecure, wondering if they should remove deposits from their bank accounts," says Gianouris.
In response to the situation, Canadian ambassador to Greece, Eleftherios Anghelopoulos released a statement.
"The recent global economic and financial crisis has left few countries unaffected, Greece having been no exception....It has become increasingly apparent to all of us that the current international financial system has serious disadvantages that have to be corrected."
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