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article imageAnonymous plans major hacking attack on Saturday

By Kim I. Hartman     Nov 5, 2011 in World
All eyes are on Fox News site today after the release of a video by the online collective known as Anonymous promised multiple data breaches on Saturday November 5, in honour of Guy Fawkes Night.
The global hacktivist group Anonymous threatened to make the Fifth of November a day to remember with security breaches planned for the Fox news website. Also targeted according to tweets, blog posts and messages on the Web is Facebook and the Zeta drug cartel.
Anonymous vow to retaliate against Fox News with a propaganda campaign of their own, in response to Fox's critical coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement, its protesters and associated Occupy protests around the world.
The hacking group has chosen Guy Fawkes Night to stage their attack, in remembrance of the radical Englishman who was at the center of a plot to blow up the English Parliament including the King in a conspiracy known as the Gunpowder Plot. Fawkes, a converted Catholic, took up arms against the Church of England to fight religious persecution in the 1600s. He was captured hiding with a stockpile of explosives and was tortured until he revealed his co-conspirators. Fawkes was condemned to be hung, drawn, and quartered.
His plight was loosely depicted in the futuristic movie "V for Vendetta." Fawkes' image has morphed into a modern day symbol for peaceful protests against perceived tyranny. The visage of Fawkes, often worn by protesters, has become associated with members of Anonymous.
The cyber attack threatened by Anonymous comes on the same day planned for Bank Transfer Day, with many saying the threats by Anonymous, along with the mass transfer of funds by banking customers, and the continued Occupy Protests could combine for a 'Perfect Storm' of confusion and civil disobedience that could "escalate into further hostility," and live on in the memories of corporate America.
Associated Press reported Anonymous has abandoned their campaign against the Zeta cartel following the release of one of their members who was being held by the drug organization.
A Twitter account connected with hacktivist members of Anonymous announced last night that the threat to Facebook, called Operation Facebook, was a bogus claim, meant to distract from their intended target, Fox News.
Fox has yet to experience any obvious data breaches under the Operation Fox Hunt threat, but with half the day remaining Anonymous has adequate time to complete their take-down of the news giant for their biased reporting and misrepresentation of the Occupy protests.
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