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article imageOp-Ed: Modern Warfare 3 aims to set FPS standard with Nov. 8 release

By Andrew Ardizzi     Nov 5, 2011 in Entertainment
Revisions to video games are fairly common, although where Modern Warfare 3 is concerned, Activision aims to revamp the entire Call of Duty experience altogether.
Activision, the game's publisher, hopes to cash in on a slew of upgrades when the game is released across multiple platforms–including X-Box 360, PS3, Wii and PC–on Nov. 8. As with previous Call of Duty installments, this game will offer a single player campaign, its celebrated multiplayer mode and a retooled Special Ops mode. Developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, Modern Warfare 3 is a blockbuster release nearly two years in the making.
Single Player Campaign
Despite almost always being an afterthought with each game's release, the single player campaign in the Modern Warfare games has maintained a running storyline throughout the first two iterations and we can expect a continuation of those themes in Modern Warfare 3 .
The third installment promises a campaign mode filled with cinematic thrills and outstanding visuals as we follow the game's characters from New York to England, and from Paris to Berlin. Vladimir Makarov, a principal antagonist from the previous Modern Warfare games, returns with the intent of bringing civilization to its knees. Watching the "Redemption" single player trailer gives us a glimpse into what to expect once we load up our discs Nov. 8 and globetrot with our favourite special forces team. The trailer offers some fantastic, albeit very destructive visuals including a plane split in half across a forested landscape after it crashes, vehicles exploding and flying across the streets, and tanks rumbling through the city landscape, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. The game's antagonists even goes so far as to attack Paris' Eiffel Tower. The game's urban warfare expands beyond terrorist attacks, including seemingly thrilling car chases, military operatives moving covertly across the sprawl, while both sides engage in air battles with fighter jets, attack helicopters and bombers. The visuals from the trailer look amazing and promise a great experience on their own. If the campaign's gameplay measures up to that level, the single player mode may encourage more than one playthrough.
Special Ops Mode
As with previous games, Modern Warfare 3 offers the opportunity for players to play specialized, tactical, objective based missions both offline by yourself or with a friend, as well as online with someone on your friends list. The mode offers a number of additions, including 16 new individual missions and a brand new survival mode. Survival Mode allows players to team-up online, locally or play alone as endless waves of attacking enemies advance on your position across the map. The mode also allows players to purchase and customize weapons, air support, equipment and abilities. Players can also earn experience and "rank up" using a newly implemented progression system which will allow players to change their tactics on the fly, while the cooperative Survival Mode purports to also serve as great training for competitive multiplayer games online. Regardless of your preference, judging by the Special Ops preview video, the mode seems to offer no shortage of challenges for players looking to test themselves. With an infinite number of enemies, attack dogs, and vehicular assaults, combined with the new objective missions, Spec Ops aims to test players' limits more than ever.
Online Multiplayer
Despite the inclusion of the other modes, the online multiplayer is Call of Duty's bread and butter. With hundreds of thousands of players online at any given time, Call of Duty's trademark game modes offer an array of ways players can test themselves against one another. In addition to fan favourite modes such as Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Demolition and Capture the Flag, this game boasts some new additions concerning new modes, greater customization and all new maps.
Kill Confirmed: Each player now carries a dog tag that they drop once killed by another player. Opposing players can then collect those tags to gain extra points for their team. Alternatively, players can pick up a teammate's dog tag to deny the opposing team from confirming their kill.
Team Defender: Similarly to the 'Capture the Flag" game mode from Modern Warfare 2, Team Defender evolves that concept by forcing teams to work together to protect the flag. The victorious team will be the one which is able to defend and hold onto the flag the longest.
Game Customization: An interesting addition to the online experience is the ability to customize how you want to play, accomplished by setting up games where game dynamics such as perks or killstreaks can be shut off for all players.
Maps: Players can now storm the streets of Paris, New York or a London subway. There are 16 maps total of varying sizes and location, all designed to keep the action moving and shift the focus of the series to more intense gun battles.
Weapons: These are what make the world go around online. There are five primary weapons classes players can use—assault rifles, sub machine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles and shotguns—which are highly detailed to a player's preferred style of combat. For assault class players, they have no shortage of options. Returning from Modern Warfare 2 are the M4A1, M16A4 and AK-47, while the SCAR, ACR return also, albeit as different models. The new guns on the block are the CM901, Type 95, G36C, MK14, and FAD. If you prefer more of a run-and-gun style, the submachine guns offered should do your style justice. The UMP45, a fan-favourite from Modern Warfare 2, returns for another round of action along with the P90. New guns include the PM-9, the MP7, PP90M1 and MP5.
The light machine guns present other options, in their low mobility, high damage, high-powered output of firepower. Returning from Modern Warfare 2 is the L86 LSW and M60. The new additions to the class include the MG36, PKP Pecheneg and MK46. If you're like me though and sniping is your fancy, then the game offers alternative methods. Only one sniper rifle returns from the previous iteration in the Barrett 50cal. All other sniper rifles are new, such as the L118A, Dragunov, AS50, RSASS and MSR. That's an increase of two sniper rifles over the previous Modern Warfare, giving snipers some extra options to work with. The final set of primary weapons are the shotguns. In the previous Modern Warfare, shotguns were a secondary weapon, meaning they could be carried with any other primary weapon. Many of the shotguns have returned in this game, including the SPAS-12, Striker, Model 1887 and AA-12. It does offer two extra shotguns, replacing the M1014 shotgun and Ranger in the USAS-12 and KSG-12. As with all weapons in the game, there are various attachments you can use to enhance your weapons, including various "sights," grenade launchers and grips.
Unlike Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 whittles your sidearm options down considerably in this game with the shotguns now classified as primary weapons. Players can now choose between machine pistols, handguns or launchers—RPG-7, Javelin and Stinger launcher to name a few—to bolster their attack against their competition. Of the four machine pistols, only the G18 returns from Modern Warfare 2, while the FMG9, MP9 and Skorpion revamps the machine pistol options for players. The available handguns have seen a tremendous upgrade in options. Players now can choose between six different guns: the returning USP .45, Desert Eagle and .44 Magnum, as well as new additions in the P99, MP412 revolver, and Five Seven pistol. To further improve your tactical options, the game includes various grenades and explosives, along with new additions such as the Scrambler, EMP Grenade and Portable Radar. If that weren't enough, players can unlock weapons proficiencies whereby they can upgrade their guns upon reaching certain milestones.
Perks: The perks in Modern Warfare 3 have been almost completely overhauled, offering a blend of returning perks from Modern Warfare 2, with old favourites and new additions. There are five perks available per slot, for a total of 15; each perk can also be upgraded by compelting a series of benchmark challenges. At that point a secondary ability is unlocked. Gone are the days though of ridiculous leaping commando knife kills and ridiculous One Man Army-Danger Close spams, and instead many of the returning perks have been either split up or completely reshuffled to not only give players more interesting options, but eliminate broken combinations. It should also be noted that the One Man Army perk is removed altogether, primarily because of its abuse in Modern Warfare 2. While I won't list them all, there are some intriguing combinations such as: Sleight of Hand+Quickdraw+Steady Aim, and Blind Eye+Assassin+Dead Silence.
With the recently released Battlefield 3 already on store shelves, and with Modern Warfare 3 entering the fray on Nov. 8, it's an all-out war between the two games leading into the Christmas season. Only time will tell whether the Call of Duty juggernaut slows down, but with a new slew of multiplayer options including online competitions, Modern Warfare 3 would appear to be a safe bet to win the war between itself and its competition.
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