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article imageOp-Ed: ADL slanders Americans yet again

By Alexander Baron     Nov 3, 2011 in World
New York - The Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith has just published its annual survey which shows how bigoted Americans are, or does it show something else, about the ADL itself?
In his 1968 book The Jew In American Politics, Nathaniel Weyl wrote: “The Anti-Defamation League supposedly exists to refute slanders against the Jewish people and promote tolerance amongst the non-Jewish majority. It is difficult to believe that the best way of bringing this about is for the national chairman of the ADL to slander some twenty per cent of the American people as associates of 'kook,' 'bigots' and 'yahoos.'”
This was an allusion to the 1964 smear job Danger On The Right which was written by two ADL staffers. The latest ADL survey is based on the same flawed methodology, smears and lies with a good deal of whining thrown in.
Based on a national telephone survey of 1,754 adults - an extremely tiny sample - it makes sweeping conclusions from insufficient evidence and loaded questions. How about this classic:
“A surprisingly large number of Americans continue to believe that 'Jews were responsible for the death of Christ.'” Ridiculous, isn't it? Obviously it was the Mexicans. Or maybe we should blame the Romans as did Carrie Supple in her ludicrous polemic From Prejudice To Genocide?
Nearly half of all respondents agreed with the statement that Jews stick together more than other Americans, and 33 percent said they believe Jews always like to be at the head of things.
Is that an anti-Semitic belief or a compliment?
Thirty percent (30%) believe that Jews are “more loyal to Israel than to America,” a percentage that has remained virtually unchanged since ADL's benchmark survey in 1964”.
Hmm, and ADL head honcho Mr Foxman is not more loyal to Israel than to America? Then perhap he will use his non-existent influence to talk Netanyahu out of bombing Iran, which would be a disaster for America and Israel, and indeed for the rest of the world.
Sixteen percent (16%) agreed that Jewish “business people are so shrewd, others don't have a chance,” up from 13 percent in 2009.
Heck, if that is true, that must be why they control all the banks, a belief that according to the ADL is held largely by uneducated Americans. Wrong again, surely the ADL and that nice Mr Foxman realise David Duke holds a PhD, and his new girlfriend Patricia McAllister is a teacher, or was, until she made the mistake of claiming Jews were all powerful, and was promptly fired.
This survey is so disingenuous as to be worthless, like everything else about the ADL including its annual subscription.
To give one more example of the ADL's overt dishonesty, awhile ago, reports surfaced of organ harvesting in Israel; all manner of claims were made including that the authorities were using organs from dead Palestinians, that there was a “Jewish plot” to harvest organs from Algerian children, etc. The rumours spread to a major Swedish newspaper, and to a black American who made a video about it. Foxman called this a “Big Lie” and likened it to a new version of the ancient blood libel. So what happened next? There were arrests in both Israel and the United States in relation to a black market organ ring, and the ADL never uttered another word on the subject.
If the ADL and Abraham Foxman see anti-Semites everywhere they look, there is a very good reason for that, it is not because there is a vast network of Jew-haters in America or anywhere else, it is because people are repaying them in their own coin.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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