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article imageOp-Ed: Photo Essay - Occupy Los Angeles, Laid Back in November Special

By Kelly Bowlin     Nov 3, 2011 in Politics
Los Angeles - I recently revisited Occupy Los Angeles. Police were all smiles, yoga class was in full stretch, dinner was free hot dogs and french fries, and surf was running 2-4 feet out of the southwest.
Makes you kinda feel guilty you're not protesting on the east coast.
It was a perfect summer evening on November 2. Air temp was 80 degrees with a light Santa Ana breeze and surf running 2-4 feet out of the southwest. Downtown LA’s a lot prettier lit up at night when you don’t have to see the smog. The occupy Los Angeles movement, now into its second month looked a bit tidier than a few weeks earlier. It’s got a bit more of a permanent feel.
The historic fountain on the south lawn, dedicated in 1935 was wisely boarded up by the city hall for protection which of course makes for a magnificent graffiti board. I spoke with a police officer on the south entrance steps and he was all smiles. I asked him if he was expecting any trouble. He smiled and said “Are you kidding me, this is a carnival, they’re serving hot dogs and fry’s on the east walk.”
“Witnesses of the Oakland violence that occurred a week earlier were doing their best to ignite the crowd, but I wasn't feeling their mojo. There were plenty of signs and lots of posters but I’ve seen more anger at a Dodgers game. Call it the occupation doldrums. If there was any real anger present it was summarized in a poster that read: “This isn’t a music festival, this is not a picnic, this not a tourist attraction, this is not a party, It’s a movement, join us or get lost.” I got my wittle feelwings hurt at first but then decided, you know, they’ve been here awhile, and tempers are bound to get short so cut em a break listen to what they have to say.
Are the occupiers getting tired and frustrated? I can’t say that I blame them. But like it or not, it HAS become a tourist attraction. Particularly when you can visit in shirt sleeves and walk two blocks downtown for the best Al Pastor Tacos on the planet and maybe sip a Margarita at the roof top bar of the Standard hotel. LA is laid back. Sorry dudes.
The occupy movement isn’t going anywhere in a hurry and I fear bad things are in store for the occupiers who are truly taking the fight to the streets. I think the doldrums are dangerous and complacency breeds impatience and impatience breeds Kent State.
I admire their guts and stamina and appreciate that they’re doing a helluva lot more than me. They’re showing us that as a country we can still fog our metaphorical mirror.
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