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Passenger jet forced to make a emergency landing in Warsaw

By R. Francis Rubio     Nov 1, 2011 in Travel
Warsaw - A Boeing 767 carrying 230 people from Newark, New Jersey had to make an emergency landing in Warsaw, Poland after it's landing gear failed to open.
The Polish LOT airlines flight was forced to land without the deployment of it's landing gear on a prepared runway. The pilots became aware of the problem shortly before touching ground and were directed by the tower to circle the airport to burn more fuel before another landing attempt was made.
After circling for nearly an hour the plane approached the runway and executed an emergency belly-landing. As the airliner touched down sparks began to fly and small fires erupted before sliding to a stop.
Firefighter immediately put out the small fires and secured the plane. No one on aboard the flight was injured but according to some passengers on the flight many were extremely shook up.
Leszek Chorzewski, spokeswoman for LOT told the Associated Press "The plane landed with nearly empty fuel tanks after dumping fuel in preparation for the emergency landing."
"A fire brigade laid out special flame retardant foam for the plane to land on. On landing, sparks flew from the engine and small fires erupted under the plane but were immediately put out by firefighters."
Among the group of relatives at the airport waiting, Joanna Dabrowska talked to her mother-in-law (a passenger on the flight) shortly after the landing and evacuation via cell phone. Dabrowska shared with AP part of what she was told about the fears of some on the flight.
"People were saying their final farewells to each other and some were sobbing."
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