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article imageCalifornia surfer attacked by shark

A shark attacked and bit a 27-year-old man several times as he surfed off Marina State Beach in California, perhaps signaling the start of a busy shark-sighting season; last week another man was killed by a ten-foot great white shark in Australia.
According to ABC News, this attack happened about 150 yards from the beach -- the shark was suddenly there next to the surfer, biting his arm and neck, but he was able to paddle to shore, along with a friend surfing about ten feet away.
Towels served as tourniquets until paramedics arrived and airlifted the victim to a nearby hospital for treatment for shock and other non-life threatening injuries, while passing surfers noted with awe and amazement the new gashes on his surfboard, including a missing 19-inch chunk.
The friend said he would go back in the water soon anyway.
On October 23, another man survived a shark attack in Oregon, Transworld Surf and the blog Outdoors, action and adventure reported.
And on October 22, 2010, an attacking shark killed a teen surfing off another central California beach, the Christian Science Monitor reported.
Earlier this month, ABC News reported, one Oregon surfer found himself surfing on top of a great white shark, and lived to tell the tale -- uninjured, except for a few bruises and scratches.
But most sharks pose little or no threat to humans, some experts contend: the Shark Research Committee, a non-profit organization that documents shark-human interaction, lists numerous shark sightings and attacks reported during October, and stated the group found most, if not all, attacks and fatalities happen during encounters with great white sharks.
The Florida Museum of Natural History has collected and published a database on sharks, including confirmed, unprovoked shark attacks.
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