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article imageRon Paul campaign disrupts perceptions on his foreign policy

By Michael Krebs     Oct 29, 2011 in Politics
Ron Paul's official campaign blogger Jack Hunter released a video for the Conservative-leaning web property The Daily Caller, disputing claims that the Paul campaign does not have a foreign policy that can be endorsed by the GOP.
Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul is often dismissed by Conservatives in the Republican Party for his anti-militaristic positions on foreign policy. American interventionism is a matter that Paul has consistently addressed over the many years he has served in Congress, and it is a key platform of his White House bid.
In a long-form video produced for the Conservative-leaning Internet property The Daily Caller, Ron Paul's official campaign blogger Jack Hunter spelled out Paul's perspective more clearly, providing hard-hitting detail for Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, and Democrats alike.
"This may sound harsh, but current U.S. foreign policy is a disaster," Hunter began. "Most Americans will admit as much if they examine our most significant foreign interventions individually."
Hunter then listed the many wars around the world where the United States remains active, including Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, citing the hypocrisies expressed by many Conservatives who openly opposed the Libyan intervention but supported both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
There is little question that the Paul campaign has become frustrated with the Republican Party establishment. In a recent interview with Fox News, and cited here by RT, Paul did not rule out the possibility of running for president as an Independent.
“I'm running for president in the Republican party, I'm doing very well. And last time they wondered about it, but, you know the whole thing is, is boy the people are really frustrated,” Paul told Fox News. “You go to New Hampshire there are more independents then Republicans or Democrats."
However, the Ron Paul campaign needs to win over Conservatives, and Hunter posits that Conservatives should actually embrace Paul's foreign policy position.
"Many conservatives say, 'I like Ron Paul, except on foreign policy.' Perhaps thinking they’re going for the jugular, Paul’s critics like to first cite his contention that our foreign interventions breed more Islamic terrorism than they quell, often saying the congressman somehow “blames America” for our troubles. Yet, according to the Pew poll, a majority of our soldiers — who you might think know a thing or two about what causes Islamic terrorism — actually agree with Paul on this point. More significantly, Paul’s overall foreign policy of avoiding going to war where there is no clear national interest is where the congressman is most in line with public sentiment. The only exception is Libya, where ironically most Republicans side with Paul and against public opinion," Hunter stated. "Perhaps Sarah Palin said it best last week on Sean Hannity’s Fox program: 'You’ve got to give it to Ron Paul … [who] I think hit the nail on the head, when he came out and said Obama had better be careful when he interjects himself and our country in other nations’ business.'”
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