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article imageDid Toronto Mayor curse at 911 dispatchers after CBC incident?

By Andrew Moran     Oct 27, 2011 in Politics
Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has made headlines all week. This time, following his confrontation with CBC comedian Mary Walsh, Ford allegedly called 911 and began to yell and curse at the dispatcher. A source called the original report, though, “inaccurate."
On Monday morning, Mary Walsh of CBC’s “This Hour has 22 Minutes” made a visit to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s home as part of a comedic skit. When Walsh approached him, Ford went back into his Etobicoke home and called 911.
Ford told reporters that it was dark outside and he was concerned for his daughter’s safety. “I didn’t know who they were and obviously we’ve had death threats. There was a camera and a mike. It wasn’t any of you guys so I knew.”
Walsh noted that the mayor seemed “jovial” at first, but wasn’t going to participate in the joke. She added that there was no child at all: “I mean, was she inside his suit jacket? We never saw any children.”
According to a report from CBC News, Ford had called 911 again when they didn’t arrive immediately. One source told the news outlet that the mayor began to yell and curse at one operator, who was “distraught” by the incident.
“You bitches! Don’t you f--king know?” Ford allegedly said. “I’m Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!”
The 911 recordings have spread across the Toronto Police Service, but Mark Pugah, Toronto police spokesperson, said that they cannot discuss private 911 calls.
The Globe and Mail is now reporting that the original source called the CBC article “inaccurate.”
The Mayor’s Office has not issued a comment regarding the reports.
This latest story comes after the Toronto Police Services Board approved the 2012 police budget that includes a 4.6 percent budget reduction. The mayor had originally requested a 10 percent cut across the board.
Update #1: Mayor Rob Ford has issued a statement admitting using the F-word, but not insulting the 911 operator.
"After being attacked in my driveway, I hope I can be excused for saying the f-word," said Ford. "I never called anyone any names. I apologize for expressing my frustration inappropriately."
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