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article imageCameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake get naughty in 'Bad Teacher' Special

By Earl Dittman     Oct 26, 2011 in Entertainment
The former couple talk about joining together to make the hilarious R-rated comedy 'Bad Teacher' (now on Blu-ray and DVD) -- a film about a super-sexy and naughty teacher (Diaz) and the substitute teacher (Timberlake) she wants for her gold-digging own.
Hilarious, original and wonderfully naughty, Bad Teacher (now on Blu-ray and DVD) stars the former real-life couple of actress Cameron Diaz and platinum-plated pop superstar/actor Justin Timberlake, as well as funnyman Jason Segel. In an exclusive chat with the one-time lovebirds earlier this summer, Cam talks about her Bad Teacher character -- a foul-mouthed, ruthless, pot-smoking teacher -- they each discuss the dry humping and the car-washing scene in the film, they recall their own favorite teachers and Justin explains what it's like to be on Saturday Night Live four times already and how well his sketches go over with the crowd...
Cameron, I love the fact that your character was motivated to get a boob job. Was it fun to just have the wrong self image?
DIAZ: "Completely. Because obviously if I thought that I could get somewhere with having bigger boobies I would have done it by now. But for her, it's everything. It's called hard economic times. have you ever heard of this? You can't find a millionaire the way you could three, four years ago before the crash. So it's like a lot of work for her now. So it's an investment. Suze Orman would have been like, 'Girl. Five year plan.' You know what I mean? So yeah. She's working hard for those. She knows that to get what you want you have to have a goal. And her goal is to invest in her business and get a pair of tits."
And, lately, to find a sugar daddy, too? That's night right there?
DIAZ: "It's really -- what's that? Oh, none of it. but I'm not judging, clearly. I'm not judging. But the thing about it is if we really believed this was the right thing to do we wouldn't be making fun of it, right? So, yeah. So it was really fun to make fun of it because clearly, especially living in this town, we all know what it's like to sort of come up against people who have their priorities a little screwed up and focus on the wrong things."
Cam and Justin in  Bad Teacher
Cam and Justin in 'Bad Teacher'
What was the average age of the boys you worked with?
DIAZ: "Fourteen year old boys. I love them."
TIMBERLAKE: "Yeah, you do." (laughs)
DIAZ: "I do. I love it, yeah, so, no, it was really fun to be able to sort of go to work every day and have a gang, a team of people all on the same wagon going towards complete and utter distaste. And throwing everything out the window. It was fantastic. We had a lot of fun doing that. "
Have you had any memorable teacher? Not necessarily a bad teacher but somebody that really stood out either because they were odd or because they were good or bad. Any stories about them?
DIAZ: "Everybody has better stories than I do."
TIMBERLAKE: "I had a teacher in seventh grade who told me I should have more realistic goals than being a songwriter and singer or performer because my schoolwork was suffering. And you can quote me on this directly to her. Suck it."
DIAZ: "I had Mr. Fujikawa in sixth grade. He used to come in after the weekends and tell us about his three-year-old son that he would spend the weekends with and how wonderful it was to have a child to pass on knowledge to and how you want to encourage them. and how to also teach them life's lessons as he sat with his feet literally kicked up on the desk talking about how wonderful it was this weekend that his son was starting to walk. And how gratifying it was that when he took the four steps up the porch to get to the top to the front door as he got to the very top last step he would pull on the string that he had tied around his leg to bring him back down to the beginning. To help him get back up the next four or five steps. And I just thought that was the most amazing, like I laughed so hard when he told that story. Everybody else was like, 'Ah', and I was like, 'That's awesome'. Of course I can relate very well to it. but, yeah, it was very- that to me was somebody who helped form and shape me, really. Honestly."
TIMBERLAKE: "I feel like these three stories really explained who we are as adults."
DIAZ: "Exactly."
Cameron, I think you have achieved in creating the most iconic dry humping scene in cinema history. How fun or silly was it putting the scene together?
TIMBERLAKE: "It was definitely weird putting that together. Well, I think we created the only dry humping scene ever seen in a movie."
DIAZ: "It was absurd."
TIMBERLAKE: "I would like to say that (director) Jake (Kasdan) had -- he wasn't literally between us but figuratively he was there."
DIAZ: "He was our humping coach."
TIMBERLAKE: "He was my humping coach. I've got to say there's nothing wrong with a good jean jam."
DIAZ: "I kind of feel mostly proud of some of my moves."
TIMBERLAKE: "I'm serious. I don’t know why that's funny to you guys. But also we felt collectively, the both of us, that we had a responsibility. And that was to the young people who are going to buy tickets to, I don't know, Transformers the second week, and go see this movie because they're underage. It really is a public service announcement for safe sex."
DIAZ: "You can't, you know, when you've got the denim on denim."
TIMBERLAKE: "Nobody ever got pregnant with their jeans on."
DIAZ: "So, totally promoting that."
DIAZ: "That's pretty much the only message that's in the movie that we're proud of. Other than that it's completely- there's nothing else. It's just, we thought, 'Well, you guys look. We shouldn't just be making a movie about nothing that is of any importance or is like, you know, if we're going to try to be role models in any way we should offer up least a jean jam.' At the very least."
TIMBERLAKE: "And it is the jamming."
Cameron Diaz as the  Bad Teacher
Cameron Diaz as the 'Bad Teacher'
TIMBERLAKE: "Man, they've got to figure out a way to pay teachers more. That's my opinion of it. They actually are like surrogate parents away from home and in doing the junket for the last couple of days, I've kind of come across the realization that, in hearing everyone talk about, because we've constantly gotten the question, 'Have you had a bad teacher when you were younger?' And I get why you guys ask us that because it's a little hook with Bad Teacher. Yeah, I get it. But you keep coming across this idea about how we started talking about it and found that the teachers that we actually learned more from were the ones that were kind of like taught us life lessons more than trigonometry. And, so yeah, I me there's such a huge responsibility and they're underappreciated and underpaid. So that's my opinion about teachers."
Was it difficult to get a project about a sexy teacher since there are so my teacher hooking up with their students? Did it restrict the story at all?
DIAZ: "So many of them. The one thing that Elizabeth (Cameron's character) doesn't do -- one like she doesn't cross is take on a seventh grader. You know what I mean? That's the one thing she doesn’t do. Thankfully. I don't think I would be down with that. That would be a different movie, clearly. That would just be a completely different movie."
She doesn't really inflict any lasting damage on the kids.
DIAZ: "Nothing their parents haven't done to them already. You know what I mean? You know what I'm saying?"
TIMBERLAKE: "Is this for a 'Bad Teacher scandal' story?"
You have done great in films like There's Something About Mary and Very Bad Things. And the movie Bridesmaids is doing well at the box office and your movie is coming out soon, It looks like the time for women behaving badly and funny in movies is now. Can you talked about how that has changed over the years and what your commitment to doing that is?
DIAZ: "My commitment to it?"
DIAZ: "It's pretty obvious. You know women have always behaved badly. I think probably worse than men. Maybe men just don't have the stomach for it. They don’t want to see it on film because they just can't take it. I mean any of my guy friends when I start to tell them what women really talk about and what really goes down they're like, 'La, la, la, la, la, la, la'. They don’t want to hear it. It's like, plug their ears. They can't take it. So maybe it's just at this moment is the time for women to come."
TIMBERLAKE:" I'm sorry. Did I miss something?" (laughs)
DIAZ: "Okay, sorry. There's a lot of those films now. I think that people are willing to sort of laugh at those things altogether now. And to know this script, this movie would have been just as hilarious with a man, a male role, you know. It being a male role. As a female, which I think is kind of great because it just goes to show that humor- that you can make something funny for everyone. And so, yeah, I think that we can find a lot of similarities in what we laugh at. I haven't seen Bridesmaids yet so I can't wait to see it. I've been out of the country and it's not open in England at the moment. So I actually don't know the humor of the Bridesmaids so I can't really speak to that. But I think people are just willing to take a chance. And I think the studios nowadays are willing to --formulaically we're tired of kind of seeing the same old thing, the same old thing. And after awhile it just doesn't work anymore. And this is a business. And we want to make some money. And we want to make things that work. And I think they're taking a chance at different things. So that was like, you know, the worst answer in the world. But that's cool. You'll do something with it."
TIMBERLAKE: "As a male, who actually enjoys hearing those dirty things that women say, I think funny women have been around forever. Like Carol Burnett, Madeline Kahn. I mean there's always been genius, genius female actors in comedy."
DIAZ: "That's true."
TIMBERLAKE: "I also think that we live in an age where technology has afforded a generation a lot more of a crass look at the world. The Internet is a really strange place to be. And I think the level of what we can kind of understand about brash humor mixed with all these different elements, I think with all types of movies like The Hangover and things like that, I think we're -- people like Jake and directors who step up and say, 'We want to push the envelope but in a way that we know can get laughs'. That always fuels the engine. But also it is great that, like Cameron said, that's the coolest thing about this movie is that this lead role, it's a great thing to see a female that can do it and do it as well as Cameron does it."
Cam in the car-washing scene from  Bad Teacher
Cam in the car-washing scene from 'Bad Teacher'
How do you think car wash would scene would have worked? Cameron, would you have played it differently or like a nightmare if was basically a woman's wet t-shirt car wash? Does the fact that guys are there make a big difference?
TIMBERLAKE: "Yeah, I've been waiting to be asked that question. I feel like I nailed it. I mean a lot of people don't know this but I'm just going to tell them. About what we did."
DIAZ: "Okay."
TIMBERLAKE: "I choreographed the car wash scene. That will also be on the DVD extras. There's a behind the scenes look at."
DIAZ: "Yeah. In his shorts. In his Daisy Dukes, as well."
TIMBERLAKE: The shot of the black and white hitting the car, that- Jake just- there was a police car that came by and Jake just literally saw what was about to happen and had the DP pan the camera over and we just caught some reality. So, prefect."
Justin, it looks like you're in line to join the five timer's club on Saturday Night Live -- if you haven't already. What makes a host a good fit for SNL? Do you ever meet up with the other Five Times like Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks?
TIMBERLAKE: "I've hosted four times. The season finale was just my fourth time. Although it does seem like more because when I'm in New York City they can't keep me out of 30 Rock, which is probably annoying to them on some level. I grew up with 'SNL'. It is an institution. It is part of the humor and chemistry between me and my father, who- I come from a divorced family and didn't get to spend a lot of time with my father when I was young. And it's something that we share that is really special to me. And growing up with that show it was just an institution. I mean I remember staying up late. I mean it was really bad parenting because I was too young to be watching some of the jokes that were on SNL but, hey, I turned out okay. But I'm just such a huge fan of ht show. And to be honest, I'm here do talk to the press because of SNL. I have no doubt in my mind about that. I owe getting a shot to be in Bad Teacher with these genius comedians and comediennes directly to SNL and Lorne Michaels for letting me be there and rock out with..."
DIAZ: "Your 'Dick in a Box'?"
TIMBERLAKE: "All I got. And I mean can we just say that, that is a thoughtful Christmas gift?"
DIAZ: "It is. I think so."
TIMBERLAKE: "I don't know, I feel like..."
DIAZ: "The smaller the bow, the bigger the package."
TIMBERLAKE: "That's true. That's true. Yeah. Trim your bow, gentleman."
TIMBERLAKE: "Yeah. So I directly owe any opportunity that I ever get on film to be in a comedy to 'SNL'. So I'm so thankful for that show as a kid and as an adult."
Cameron, you said you character gets some tough advice and it's not necessarily what most people would approve of. Would you rather see adults give kids more realistic advice of is it better to protect them and say, 'Yes, you can,' when you know you really can't.
DIAZ: "No, I believe that you should always be honest with kids. You're doing a disservice to, not only the child but to society if you're breeding a child that doesn’t have the tools to cope in the real world. And so I'm a very direct, you know, I told the kids when they all showed up to set. I was like, 'Yeah, so your parents let you do this, right? You know what's going to happen? You think you do but you don't. But just be ready. Be aware. We're not holding back. We're not sugar coating any of this. I'm not watching my language. If you don't like it. If you guys have a problem you can leave. It's fine.'"
Jason Segel said you all told him there was no Santa Claus. Is that true?
DIAZ: "But I let them keep the Easter Bunny."
TIMBERLAKE: "Yeah. But after that everything was uphill. Don't use your face and take this dodge ball hit."
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