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article imageOp-Ed: Deadlier than the male - women and crime in the UK

By Alexander Baron     Oct 26, 2011 in Crime
London - At one time if you read about a pregnant woman being stabbed in the face, you'd have caught your breath in horror and hoped he got a long sentence. Now he is just as likely to be a she.
Isn't sexual equality a wonderful thing? Sisters really are doing it for themselves; the modern ladette can drink the average bloke under the table, swear like a trooper, and kick like a mule. And in a recent case, slash like a psycho.
In July, two pregnant women came to blows over a man and one of the unborn babies for which he was responsible. The result was that Larissa Yarham stabbed and slashed her love rival on her scalp, face, neck and right breast. Jessica Dove needed twenty stitches. The attack happened in Croydon, the scene of a notorious fire during the recent riots, and an even more notorious murder in 2005.
Larissa Yarham is said to have shown no emotion as Judge Flahive sent her down for six years. Although the victim will probably not think that unduly harsh, the sentence is at the top end of the range, and will probably be appealed.
The case of the woman who bit off a man's testicles is one of those that provokes wry smiles if not howls of laughter; most people of a certain age will still recall the notorious Bobbitt case in which a woman severed her husband's penis. In February, a woman in the North of England bit off, yes bit off, her lover's..hmm, well read all abaht it here. The judge told her she could be gaoled. Only could? This is of course no laughing matter for the victim, and leaving aside any traumatic psychological effects, such an injury is potentially fatal.
This is too fortunately a rare crime, and one which it is to be assumed very few men commit, although if Syed from Albert Square gets too pally with his ex-wife, his catamite Christian may well prove the exception to the rule.
Finally, even gangs are no longer a safe haven from the ladettes; we've had biker gangs, ethnic gangs, so why not girl gangs as well? Back in the capital, TOWIE sisters Billie and Samantha Faiers have been enjoying their first taste of fame, and then some. In the West End, one of the girls had her £1500 handbag stolen on the dance floor, and they were attacked by a girl gang. Why anyone should want to attack these delightful young ladies - see picture here - beggars belief, but why any woman should wish to bite off a man's testicles is if anything an even bigger mystery.
If this is the end result of women's liberation, maybe they should all wear burkas?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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