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article imageJudika Illes' new encyclopedia-guide on accessing power of Saints

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 26, 2011 in World
Judika Illes, bestselling author, and expert in the supernatural, is claiming there are Saints, Mystics and Sages in all the worlds religious traditions — Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Paganism — we can call upon for help in times of need.
Judika Illes, bestselling author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and Encyclopedia of Spirits, in her new book Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages, A Guide for Asking for Protection, Wealth, Happiness and Everything Else! assures us there are time tested methods for tapping into power of Saints.
The expert in spiritual matters tells us a Saint is,
"Someone who has died, but remains accessible in order to provide assistance and produce miracles for the living. Despite popular beliefs, saints and sages do not come just from the Christian tradition but from all walks of life and all spiritual traditions. They [are] active supernatural beings who can offer both physical assistance and spiritual guidance."
Are you skeptical? Judika Illes challenges you to give the Saints a chance. According to Illes, Saints are especially effective for surmounting problems which "seem insurmountable." Problems such as finding employment, true love, barrenness and incurable ailments (Cancer, HIV etc.) can be solved by petitioning Saints.
Are you wondering how to access the power of these wonderful dead but still powerful beings? Judika Illes in her new "peerlessly expansive guide [for those] looking for guidance about accessing the power of saints" promises to show how,
"...through something as simple as a heartfelt cry to a saint, or gestures of veneration such as lighting a candle or incense, [anyone] can obtain supernatural assistance."
To the doubting Thomases, Judika Illes says you could be letting a once-in-life-time-chance of finding lasting solutions to your life problems pass you by. Its simple, you could solve all your problems through petitioning "saints and sages from a large variety of religious traditions, who can, when venerated, produce miracles."
Judika Illes, in her new book, gives helpful background on each of the Saints, "explains what types of people they traditionally assist, what offerings they accept, rituals to reach them...[and guides] the reader to pinpoint their problem and the exact saint who will offer assistance." Illes categorizes Saints according their areas of problem-solving specialization:
-Mary Magdalene and Saint Helena are available to those in need of help with love problems
-Saint Christopher specializes in safety in traveling
-Saint Anthony may be applied to solving problems of sundry nature: "those who have lost anything from car keys to employment"
-Saint Agatha is highly recommended for women because she is renowned for healing breast cancer
-Jizo is a Japanese Buddhist saint known for protecting mothers and children
Judika Illes says Saints listed above are time tested, being those, "People around the globe in every era have called upon...and testified to miracles received."
Illes, in her latest book, which "offers a guide of unparalleled depth to the world of saints, mystics, and sages—and the miraculous powers they have to help us when we need them most" offers comfort:
"Even in our darkest hours, there is hope: the saints."
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