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article imageWicca is America's fastest growing religion, says Witch School

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 26, 2011 in World
Wicca is America's fastest growing religion, says Witch School, and within the next decade Wicca will become the third largest religion in America, behind only Christianity and Islam.
According to Witch School, there is already a shortage of teachers of Witchcraft and Wicca and the school is offering over 120 online courses for people interested in intensive studies in the "Craft."
The school quotes editor Thomas Horn, in a press release for the book God's Ghostbusters saying, "In the United States alone, there are now more than two hundred thousand registered Witches and as many as 8 million unregistered practitioners of 'the Craft.'"
Ed Hubbarb, Co-Founder of Witch School, agrees with Thomas Hubbard. He says:
“There is such a rapid spiritual reorientation in America occurring, that the need for thousands of Wiccan teachers over the course of the next decade will be required to meet the demand for basic teachings. Because of Wicca’s liberating beliefs and useful skills, people want to understand and embrace it, and learn how to awaken their inner abilities.”
The growth of Wicca is revealed in statistics the Witch School quotes casually. The school claims it has helped over 200,000 students learn about "the Craft":
"Witch School has been working for the past 10 years to train teachers and mentors for the task that lies ahead. The online education system has made it easy to discover what Wicca has to offer, and has helped over 200,000 students learn more about this fascinating subject. You can discover more about Witch School at their website,"
The Halloween season brings the tremendous growth in Wicca into focus. Salem, the "Halloween Capital of the World," is buzzing with activities, and according to The World of Witches Museum, which offers "Witch City" tourists expert guide and information resources, Salem in the Halloween season, offers:
" amazing number of psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants, available for every kind of reading, séance, and spiritual message. Few places in the entire world have such concentration of supernatural energies and psychic skills."
Leaders of the Wiccan community are excited about the public enthusiasm for the religion, and there is drive to give public access to a culture driven underground in the centuries of cultural dominance of Christianity. Witch School expresses its pleasure in the new freedom and opportunity for open practice of the Wiccan belief system:
"People who practice Wicca now have the ability to learn and share their faith in ways that have never before been conceived. They want to build their community in a free and open manner, legally protected under Constitutional law...The desire to be open about their beliefs and share their knowledge and skills with other like-minded individuals is what continues to drive them."
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