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article imageOp-Ed: Britain's police — The dead, the nearly dead, and the braindead

By Alexander Baron     Oct 25, 2011 in Crime
London - A police officer is killed on the motorway; one has his throat slashed by a psychopath and survives; and a third is sacked for mishandling emergency calls.
Last December, two young police officers in Ealing who tried to arrest a suspect each received a Christmas present they will never forget. One had his head slashed, the other his neck, and but for the intervention of retired heart surgeon Samad Tadjkarimi, PC Madden would have bled to death.
Today, one man crime way and violent psychopath John Onyenaychi was given a life sentence with a 25 year tariff.
Onyenaychi's horrific attack began as a relatively trivial incident. He was asked to leave a bus because his ticket was invalid, but as he disembarked, he was recognised as a wanted man. The police tried to arrest him, he had other ideas, and the result was carnage.
Onyenaychi was a small time criminal whose crimes included stealing a laptop computer, but small time theft included big time violence. He has already killed one person, though out of selfishness rather than sadism. At the time of his potentially fatal attack on PC Madden he was out on licence after being convicted of causing death by dangerous driving. Prison has not cured him of his violence, and he will probably be given special treatment for the next few years, or maybe longer.
Onyenaychi was prosecuted by Brian Altman QC, who prosecuted the even more violent and dangerous Levi Bellfield.
One of the most consistently peddled myths is that policing is one of the most dangerous professions in this country if not the world. The fact is that members of the public are far more likely to be killed by police officers than kill them, and working on a building site, as a despatch rider or a fisherman are all more dangerous professions. Nevertheless, credit where credit is due. Yesterday, 41 year old traffic cop Mark Goodlad died in the line of duty, not hacked to death by a psychopath like John Onyenachi but prosaically, on the motorway as he assisted a lady motorist between Dewsbury and Crigglestone. He was struck by an HGV on the hard shoulder. He was a married man with one child.
While police on the front line show gallantry and courage, some who have comfortable desk jobs show nothing but chronic imbecility, at least this one did. The story of the unnamed 58 year old officer made the BBC news this evening when Deborah Glass of the Independent Police Complaints Commission had strong words for him. The IPCC has issued a press release relating to the dismissal of the officer who is said to have mishandled over a hundred 999 calls - 999 is the British equivalent of 911. As well as logging some calls incorrectly he advised a rape victim to go to a police station rather than send a car. He appears too to have gone out of his way to obstruct some callers.
His behaviour was of such a shockingly low standard that a prosecution was seriously considered, but no doubt losing his pension will be sufficient punishment.
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