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article imageObama treats God like spare tire, says North Carolina pastor

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 23, 2011 in World
Bob Ritter, pastor of the Eastside Baptist Church in Nebo, North Carolina, recently met with President Obama. Pastor Bob Ritter, on Monday, had a few minutes with Obama who was traveling through Virginia and North Carolina.
On Wednesday, the pastor, having delivered the word of God to the President, revealed to conservative talk-show host Sean Hannity what he had said to the President.
Pastor Bob Ritter was at pains to explain to Hannity, in case of doubts:
"...I respect him as the leader of the free world — but he came to our little town and stepped into our world, so I thought maybe I should just let him know how we feel."
And the Pastor did give the President a piece of his mind — "though I do respect his office."
What exactly did Pastor Ritter say to President Obama? Ritter tells Hannity he expressed his concerns about President Obama's policies, especially corporate bailouts and economic policies. And Ritter was also good enough to tell Obama that he and his congregation pray for him often, to which the President responded amicably that he also believes in the power of prayer. The President assured the man of God he was working to create more jobs.
Pastor Bob Ritter expressed to Sean Hannity his perception of the President's attitude to God:
"Well, they call this the Bible Belt, and sometimes I question that [when] we don't act much like it...But this president's treated God like a spare tire. And honestly, a lot of government does that."
But what exactly does Ritter mean saying the President treats "God like spare tire"? Pastor Ritter explains to Hannity:
"When a crisis comes, we pull God out of the trunk and we call for pastors to come to schools when there's been a shooting; we called for prayer after 9/11...But then the sad thing is when it all works and God gives our country peace of heart and protects us, since 9/11 we've put God back in the trunk...God's not a spare wheel...He's supposed to be the steering wheel."
Pastor Bob Ritter assured Hannity he was not being "partisan" in his assessment of the president. According to the pastor, he was only judging the president by the word of God:
"God's given us a book we can follow...One of things we've got to realize is that it's not about us — and that's what I don't think this president understands."
Pastor Bob Ritter compares the present state of the U.S. to the biblical time of the Judges in which, according to the Bible, "every man did that which seemed right in his own eyes."
And the pastor utters a final prophetic word:
"That's [time of the Judges] a pretty wicked time if everybody just does what they think they should do with no moral compass...We need a strong leader, and I'm hoping our next election will bring about a leader who has a clear moral compass, being the word of God; and that we could heal this land by doing what God said to do."
Click here to listen to Pastor Bob Ritter's radio interview with Sean Hannity.
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