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article imageWitches, vampires, zombies and monsters for Halloween twick

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 22, 2011 in World
Buffalo - The University at Buffalo is providing Halloween celebrants with experts in the macabre and the horrific. Academic members of the University include experts in satanic practice, black magic and monstrosities such as serial killers, vampires and zombies.
The University has experts in the Spanish Gothic period to complement your fascination with the exotically bizarre and downright evil. There are also experts in "greedy bankers and environmentally destructive corporations," for Occupy Wall Street Halloween celebrants.
Meet John Edgar Browning, an Arthur A. Schomburg Fellow and PhD candidate in American studies at University at Buffalo. Browning is a specialist in vampires. His research interests include Dracula figure in film, literature, television and popular culture. He is the author of several books, including Draculas, Vampires and Other Undead Forms; Dracula in Vision Media: Film, Television, Csomic Book and Electronic Game Appearances, 1921-2010.
Browning gives an expert's insight into what vampires and monsters really are:
"Vampires and monsters — they're just us...They're what we aspire to be, what we're told to hate most about ourselves, what we secretly yearn for, but shouldn't."
David Schmid is a professor of English. He is an expert in "cultural monstrosities." He has researched into serial killers in American popular culture and done studies in cultural representations of monsters, zombies and vampires. David Schmid is the author of Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American culture and True Crime, a guide to crime fiction. He is also the author of The Devil You Know: Dexter and the 'Goodness' of American Serial Killing.
Schmid draws our attention to the monsters we live with in everyday life:
"The monsters I'm most interested in are the ones that exist in plain sight...Sure, I write about the traditional Halloween and pop culture fare — zombies, vampires and so on — but I never want to lose sight of the fact that the most distinctive and numerous monsters in any culture are the ones that we don't immediately recognize...I conduct research on killers and their place in our cultural imagination but I also want to extend that focus to other monstrous figures and institutions: those whose apparent normality makes them no less destructive and murderous: the abusers at Abu Ghraib, the banks that are destroying lives while reaping record profits and the corporations who are poisoning the planet for their bottom line."
Phillips Stevens is an anthropologist and director of undergraduate studies at University at Buffalo. His field of work is in spirits and spirit possession, Satanism, magic, sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo and demons. He is an expert in West African spiritualism and witchcraft. He writes extensively on divination, zombies and the black magical arts.
David Castillo is expert in the historical origins of supernatural visitations, horror visions, haunted houses and artificial horrors of the type we see in horror movies. David Castillo's latest book Baroque Horrors tells creepy tales of mutilation, murder and mayhem. His book, according to David Castillo, answers the question, Why do we love the horrific? and offers:
"...a way for us to understand our own modern fears and their monstrous offspring, and new ways to think about broad questions of political history and relate them to the modern age."
David Castillo delves into the historical roots of modern horror. David Castillo explains that "the historical roots of horror in the modern age lie in the Spanish baroque period, roughly 1600-1720." His book Baroque Horrors explores
"...a lot of terrifying behavior, beliefs, places and people of that era rarely considered together. For instance, the young woman cemented up in the family home — by her family, who waited for six years, despite the stench, while worms and vermin did her in from the feet up."
Halloween is never complete without images of the creepy, bizarre and horrific from the darkest depths of imagination. Why don't you get an expert to create a monster for Halloween twick?
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