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article imageCain wins Nevada straw poll, signaling more trouble for Romney

By Michael Krebs     Oct 22, 2011 in Politics
Republican presidential candidate and former restaurant executive Herman Cain continues to establish himself as the GOP's nominee, edging out former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Nevada straw poll.
While former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney likely has little need to concern himself with what appears to be an imploding presidential bid by Texas Governor Rick Perry, he does have to worry about the notable appeal of Republican presidential candidate and former restaurant executive Herman Cain.
After being catapulted to the front-runner position by a respectable win in the Florida straw poll in September, the Cain campaign went on to rival Romney in South Carolina and Virginia polls, as was reported by Digital Journal, and has now won Nevada's Western Republican Leadership Conference straw poll.
Cain beat Romney by almost 3 percentage points in the Nevada straw poll, according to a Washington Times report. The Nevada results also buoyed the Gingrich campaign, giving him 20 percent of the vote. The Rick Perry campaign continued to struggle, placing fifth in the Nevada GOP poll.
In addition to Cain's success in Nevada, a new poll released in Iowa put Herman Cain in first place with a commanding lead over Mitt Romney. The University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll gave Cain 37 percent support versus just 27 percent for Romney and 12 percent for Congressman Ron Paul, according to NPR. With the Iowa Caucus just 10 weeks away, Cain's lead is another troubling sign for the Romney campaign.
A recent Rasmussen poll put Cain ahead of President Obama by two percentage points, as the New York Daily News reported, underscoring his appeal among GOP voters eager to see a one-term Obama presidency.
But for now, the Cain campaign will seek its wins one state at a time.
“Herman Cain has spent a lot of time in Nevada and it shows,” David Mansdoerfer of Nevada's Citizen Outreach told the Washington Times. “You can see people reacting to his message about the economy and job creation”
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