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article imageTopFinds: Videos of Gaddafi's corpse go viral, dangers of IndyCar

By David Silverberg     Oct 21, 2011 in Internet
Videos showing the corpse of Gaddafi and cheering Libyan rebel forces go viral online. A 100-year-old man finished a marathon in Toronto. IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon dies after a horrific crash. These are the top stories from around the world.
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. There was a lot going on this week, from the death of Libya's Gaddafi to a senior marathon runner bound to inspire newbie pavement-pounders.
We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on, under the category bar. They are changing constantly to reflect what people are reading on the site.

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Top Digital Journal Reports

100-year-old man finishes Toronto waterfront marathon (Includes first-hand account) by Alexandra Christopoulos
A 100-year-old man who completed the Toronto waterfront marathon may have made world history as the oldest marathoner. Fauja Singh crossed the finish line after 5:30 p.m., after running for eight hours on Sunday's race.
DailyFeats gives you rewards for your positive steps (Includes interview) by KJ Mullins
Do you get a pat on the back for doing the dishes or taking your vitamins? If you're a member of DailyFeats you would and get points for the every day things that you do.
Photo Essay: Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Kelly Bowlin
These photos show various aspects of the Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles protest on October 15, 2011. A massive march took place that began in the old financial district at Pershing Square to city hall.
October 15  2011 Occupy Los Angeles March from Pershing Square to City Hall
October 15, 2011 Occupy Los Angeles March from Pershing Square to City Hall
Mary Bowlin
Occupy Toronto: Thousands protest, march against banking system (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Andrew Moran
Thousands of protesters gathered at Toronto's Financial District as part of the Occupy the World movement. Occupy Toronto activists criticized the nation's banking system, governmental leaders and its economic structure.
BVCare on a Mission to Reconcile Divided Factions (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Farid Omar
In charting a new era for their beleaguered homeland, young Somali-Canadians are embarking on an innovative nation-building process aimed at reconciling factions divided by the 20 year destructive civil war.

Top Images

Visitors can take the train to the end of the pier or walk.
Visitors can take the train to the end of the pier or walk.
Legal help advising protesters
Legal help advising protesters
Occupy Vancouver protest at Vancouver Art Gallery.
Occupy Vancouver protest at Vancouver Art Gallery.
A symbol of peace
A symbol of peace
Thousands of protesters marching along the streets of Toronto chanting   We are the 99 percent - you...
Thousands of protesters marching along the streets of Toronto chanting, "We are the 99 percent - you are the 99 percent."
Thousands attend the Occupy Toronto protest in the city s Financial District.
Thousands attend the Occupy Toronto protest in the city's Financial District.
Demands of social change  Occupy Vancouver protest at Vancouver Art Gallery.
Demands of social change, Occupy Vancouver protest at Vancouver Art Gallery.
The Occupy Toronto encampment at St. James Park in the downtown area on Thursday afternoon.
The Occupy Toronto encampment at St. James Park in the downtown area on Thursday afternoon.
Shane Mullins/
Swedish Royal Guard soldiers relax as they wait for the precise time to start the daily ceremony of ...
Swedish Royal Guard soldiers relax as they wait for the precise time to start the daily ceremony of Change of the Guard at the Royal Palace, Stockholm.
Mink in Toronto s Tommy Thompson Park
Mink in Toronto's Tommy Thompson Park

In the Media

New video claims to show Gaddafi's corpse, joyous rebel fighters by David Silverberg
The latest video reportedly shows the body of the killed Libyan leader surrounded by rebel forces. One scene also shows a bullet hole or wound in Gaddafi's lifeless head. [Warning: Graphic images/video may be disturbing to some viewers]
Las Vegas man needs $1 million for op to remove 100 pound scrotum by Katerina Nikolas
Wesley Warren Jr, 47, from Las Vegas, suffered a testicle trauma that left him with a scrotum weighing 100 pounds. In a desperate bid to raise the $1 million necessary for an operation to remove it, Warren has gone public on his embarrassing plight.
Howard Stern dissects Occupy Wall Street crowd by Michael Krebs
Comedic radio talk show host Howard Stern featured excerpts on Monday from interviews with select Occupy Wall Street protesters, highlighting the movement's lack of focus.
Inventor of C programming language dies at age 70 by Abigail Prendergast
Dennis Ritchie, the inventor of the popular "C" programming language and major player in the creation of the UNIX operating system passed away yesterday. He was 70 and highly regarded by IT professionals as a tech trailblazer and visionary.
Op-Ed: From an outsider's point of view — What's with Ron Paul? by John Louie S. Ramos
Whenever I Google (or Google search, whichever is politically correct) the term "what's with Ron Paul?" the first item that pops out on my old CRT monitor is a blog written by Pathufind Media founder Billy Hallowell.
Thousands of patients of Ottawa clinic at risk of HIV, Hepatitis by Arthur Weinreb
Ottawa Public Health is attempting to track down 6,800 people who may have been exposed to viruses at an unnamed Ottawa clinic.
IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon has died from injuries by Forstine Carter
Dan Wheldon of St. Petersburg lost his life after sustaining serious injuries in a crash during Sunday's Las Vegas Indy 300.
Perfume sold to fund cancer research may actually cause cancer by Kevin Fitzgerald
In a very ironic twist of events, a recent discovery has been made that "Promise Me," a perfume sold by Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help raise funds for breast cancer research, may in fact contain ingredients that cause cancer.
Video: Bear cub wanders into Alaska grocery store produce aisle by Kim I. Hartman
Shoppers in a grocery store in Alaska were in for a shock when a young black bear cub walked through the automatic doors into the store, then climbed onto the produce display looking for a way to escape the excitement.
'Family Feud' question on swallowing yields discomfort for host by Michael Krebs
'Family Feud' host Steve Harvey was drawn into an uncomfortable moment for a family television program after a seemingly innocuous question turned strikingly sexual.
Steve Harvey  the host of Family Feud
Steve Harvey, the host of Family Feud
YouTube screenshot
Actor Shia LaBeouf attacked in Vancouver bar after filming by Nicole Byerly
First recognized as the star of Holes and Disney's Even Stevens, the adorable child star turned bad guy had another brush with danger and the law.
Pending anti-piracy bill would send Justin Bieber to jail by Forstine Carter
An anti-piracy bill pending in the Senate could send pop star Justin Bieber to prison for up to five years for posting videos of himself singing famous pop songs.
Op-Ed: Full Tilt Poker RIP? by Alexander Baron
The sad saga of Full Tilt Poker drags on and on; although there is still a glimmer of hope for its resurrection, most realists accept that it is in effect dead and buried.

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Perks of being a journalist by Andrew Moran
Although the pay is very low for most journalists - very low - there are some perks to the job. Since working at...
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Yes, it's another cat video, but I can't help myself. They are so funny. Now, my cat is always quite intrigued when...
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There are days when it's very hard to find anything to be cheerful about...

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