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Airship causes UFO panic across China

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 21, 2011 in Science
Beijing - Mild panic spread through China early in the week when a remote control airship went out of control and sailed for hundred of miles right across China.
Daily Star reports millions of Chinese saw the airship as it sailed across the country, but because it was high up in the sky, no one had opportunity of clear sight of the airship.
Metro reports the police were soon flooded with phone calls from worried citizens as the airship drifted across the country.
The airship finally landed on a paddy field in Hauyan village in eastern China, in the presence of astonished peasant farmers.
The UFO was identified, after it had landed, as a remote control prototype airship built by the Datian Aviation company which went out of control.
A police spokesman said of the mild panic that spread through the country as the ship drifted in the skies:
"We had many calls along its route from people wondering what it was. Most thought it was a UFO of some sort until it landed and we could identify it."
A spokesman for the Datian Aviation spoke:
'"We apologize for any inconvenience but the airship is completely harmless. It just flew out of range of the remote control unit."
The Chinese are UFO enthusiasts and this is not the first time UFO sighting would cause a scare in China. reports that in 2010, a UFO appeared over Hangzhou airport and delayed flights for about an hour. The UFO, which caused excitement, appeared as twinkling lights in the evening sky and caused air traffic controllers to divert air traffic. Officials later said the light came from a military craft.
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