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article imageChurch of Scientology set to open The Super Power Building

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 21, 2011 in World
Clearwater - The grand opening of the Church of Scientology's brand new The Super Power Building is expected very soon. The 12-storey building, which took more than 13 years to build, and cost about $90 million, is located in Clearwater, Florida.
The Sun reports an elaborate arrangement of security and secrecy surrounding the imposing building with nearly 900 rooms. The windows are blacked out, cameras monitors are installed at entrances with security guards on duty 24 hours.
Artists' impressions of the interior of the house leaked out on the internet showed the house has sophisticated "space-age gizmos" to help adherents of Scientology sect unleash "superhuman powers" within. According to Daily Mail , the building is an imposing structure, a "cross between a Mediterranean-style hotel and the Starship Enterprise," and "boasts 889 rooms, an indoor running track and NASA-style training equipment to help worshipers boost their 'theta' power."
The Church of Scientology, according to the Daily Mail, says the equipment in its The Super Power Building, "expands on the technology developed by NASA to train astronauts."
The Sun reports The Super Power Building has, at its ground floor, a museum dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the group. The building has an "Anti-Gravity Simulator" to help boost the mental abilities of Scientology members. Users of the Anti-Gravity device are strapped into the machine and blindfolded. The machine is then spun around in an exercise alleged to develop the user's sense of direction. To help users develop ability to detect "subliminal messages," the house has video screens which flash images while moving back and forth.
On the sixth floor of the house, according The Sun, is an indoor running track called The Super Power Course, kept in semi-darkness. Scientology members will run on the course to exhaustion, to free their minds of painful memories. The late science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, and founder of the Church of Scientology, according to The Sun, developed the special running course. The indoor running course is believed to,
"...boost a person's perceptions or senses through mental and physical exercises. Scientologists believe that in addition to the five senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell, we all have 57 extra abilities...These include being able to sense blood circulation, balance and know compass direction, temperature and gravity as well as have an awareness of importance, unimportance."
Training to boost one's "superhuman abilities" on the special gadgets in The Super Power Building will cost thousands of dollars. Daily Mail reports advanced Scientology training courses are priced in tens of thousands of dollars, which is not surprising given that the church boasts an array of multimillionaire superstar members, many of whom are expected to attend the grand opening of The Super Power Building.
Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley are all expected to be present at the grand opening of the house in Clearwater, Florida. The Sun reports other celebrity members of the group include Will Smith, Julliete Lewis, Jason Lee and Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie, all of whom helped raise funds for building and equipping The Super Power Building.
Daily Mail reports building of the house was delayed in 2003, after costs doubled due to rises in price of steel and labor. Celebrity members of the church came to the rescue. The authorities of Clearwater city imposed fines of about $40, 000 the church when the church failed to meet the deadline for completion of the exterior, landscaping and sidewalks in summer 2006.
Opening of the new The Super Power Building later this year is expected to draw more of Scientology's estimated 8 million followers worldwide to Clearwater, a town in which the Church of Scientology has become the largest property owner.
The Church of Scientology founded by L.Ron Hubbard, in 1952, describes its system as the "study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, others, and all of life." The purpose of Scientology is to make the believer "become certain of [his] spiritual existence and...relationship to the 'Supreme Being.'" The human individual, according to Scientologist teaching, is a "thetan," an immortal alien spiritual being trapped on planet Earth in "meat body."
Central to the Scientology system is "Auditing," a program of counseling which helps the individual achieve heightened spiritual awareness and progress from lower to higher levels on The Bridge to Total Freedom, the ultimate level of which is termed "Operating Thetan."
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