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article imageRare Titanic memorabilia to go up for auction in New York

By Leigh Goessl     Oct 21, 2011 in World
Oceanside - Rare and previously unseen photos have recently emerged which show images of the aftermath of the 1912 tragic HMS Titanic sinking.
Included in these documents are photos and letters from a rescued couple who sailed the famous luxury ship on their honeymoon.
These extraordinary items and more are going to the auction block.
The memorabilia includes descriptions from John and Nelle Snyder, the honeymooning couple. According to Philip Weiss Auctions, located in Oceanside, New York, these extraordinary pieces of history come directly from a family member of John and Nelle Snyder.
Letters and photos in this recently brought to light collection describe how the sinking occurred and show lifeboats and the rescuing ships floating on the open sea.
Weiss, the auctioneer, stated, "You don't see these kinds of things [the memorabilia] come to the market anymore most of this material has been located, found, and accounted for."
According to a report published in Today's THV the items include letters written by John Snyder. In a letter, Snyder wrote his new bride had saved the couple's life, stating, "She is the one that urged me to get up when I wanted to go back to bed. We were almost the very first people placed in the life boat."
About the sinking, Snyder wrote in a letter, "When we had moved some distance away from the Titanic we realized by looking at the bow seeing the different rows of port holes getting less and less...that the finest boat in the world was doomed..."
Remarkably one of the photos includes an iceberg, perhaps even the iceberg that caused the ship's tragic demise, although the world may never know for sure. If it is, this may be the only picture in existence that captures the image of the iceberg that caused the devastating damage to the Titanic. Other photos show survivors rowing to safety to board the Carpathia, and one of the newlyweds in the clothes they wore when rescued.
The Daily Mail has published many photos in their coverage.
The preview for this auction began earlier this week, and the auction begins officially today, running from Oct. 21- Oct. 23.
Next week, other items relating to the Titanic will be up for purchase in another auction across the Atlantic which is to take place on Oct. 29. The British auctioneer is placing two diagrams used in the official inquiry into the sinking of Titanic in this auction.
BBC reports part of the auction will include a first class deck plan owned by Ida and Isidor Straus, owners of the famous Macy's chain, who perished in the disaster. This item had been privately held by the couple's maid, Ellen Bird, for many years.
Despite official accounts and inquiries, many of the circumstances surrounding Titanic's demise had long been a mystery. However as technology progresses and little by little more information comes to light, more has been learned over the past century leading up to Dr. Robert Ballard and his crew's finding of the Titanic in its final resting place during a 1985 expedition. Over time, society has been able to piece together more information about this tragedy. These newly emerged photos illuminate a new vision of the aftermath of Titanic's sinking.
This past April dated the 99th anniversary of the Titanic sinking.
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