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article imageNew video claims to show Gaddafi's corpse, joyous rebel fighters

By David Silverberg     Oct 20, 2011 in World
The latest video reportedly shows the body of the killed Libyan leader surrounded by rebel forces. One scene also shows a bullet hole or wound in Gaddafi's lifeless head. [Warning: Graphic images/video may be disturbing to some viewers]
Videos of Gaddafi's corpse are popping up on video sites across the world, and LiveLeak is hosting a clip of Libyan rebel forces surrounding the leader's body.
The video begins with a shot of Gaddafi's head, covered in blood and sporting a head wound that may be a bullet hole. The camera pans to show Libyan rebel forces smiling and giving a thumbs-up or the two-fingered peace sign. Some fighters are wrapped in bandages.
The lifeless face of Gaddafi  as captured in a video posted on LiveLeak
The lifeless face of Gaddafi, as captured in a video posted on LiveLeak
LiveLeak screenshot
The short clip ends with another quick pan to Gaddafi's corpose, covered by a sheet. His head is being propped by one of the fighters.
LiveLeak also hosts several other lower-quality videos of Libyan forces holding Gaddafi's body. One includes a slo-mo clip of Gaddafi's body moments after he was killed.
Gaddafi was killed today after reportedly being holed up in a sewage tunnel. It is unclear who exactly shot and killed Gaddafi. His body is now being transported to the city of Misrata.
Libyans in the country and across the world are cheering his death and dozens of rallies are being organized by Libyans living in other regions.
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