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article imageReports claim Gaddafi killed in Sirte

By Kev Hedges     Oct 20, 2011 in World
Sirte - Several news agencies are reporting Col Gaddafi was wounded and killed in Libya. A photo of a bloodied Gaddafi has also started circulating on the Internet.

Video footage shows a bloodied Gaddafi
Warning: This article contains graphic images.
The Libyan rebels in Sirte have made the claim of the Libyan leader's death just hours after capturing the last bastion of pro-Gaddafi held territory at Sirte's Sector Two region.
Reuters and Al Jazeera are also reporting Gaddafi has been killed.
Al Jazeera is reporting: "Abdul Hakim Belhaj, an NTC military chief, has confirmed that Muammar Gaddafi has died of his wounds after being captured near Sirte. The body of the former Libyan leader was taken to a location which is being kept secret for security reasons, an NTC official said."
It is unclear exactly how Gaddafi died.
Another report coming from Pro-NTC television is reporting that Col Gaddafi's son, Mutassim, and former interior minister Abdullah al-Senussi were captured with Col Gaddafi, however this has not been officially confirmed.
A photo from Al Jazeera reportedly shows Muammar Gadaffi was killed.
A photo from Al Jazeera reportedly shows Muammar Gadaffi was killed.
By Al Jazeera
World leaders have already begun to comment. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said Libyans should decide Col Gaddafi's fate, adding, "The fate of Gaddafi should be decided by the Libyan people,:
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says the deposed Libya leader's capture was "great news if confirmed". An NTC fighter has told a BBC journalist in Sirte, "I found him [Gaddafi] in the centre of district number two [Sector Two]. He was in a hole brandishing a brown pistol and begged us not to shoot."
NATO war planes had attacked a convoy attempting to escape Sirte earlier. It is believed that convoy included Gadaffi and his supporters.
The BBC reporter, Alexis Akwagyiram, said he had not seen the deposed leader with his own eyes. Scenes around the streets of Sirte are chaotic with celebratory gunfire from NTC fighters.
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