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article imageOp-Ed: White police officers cry 'racism' - boo hoo hoo

By Alexander Baron     Oct 20, 2011 in Politics
Our wonderful boys in blue who put their lives on the line every time they don their uniforms are now members of an oppressed minority. Six officers of the Metropolitan Police are suing their force for racial discrimination. Why should anyone care?
The loony left and the fellow travellers of their “anti-racist” cabal are fond of playing games with manipulated or invented statistics to prove how racist are the police, and society as a whole. Some even view the police as the front line against “radical” change, ie them. The true facts are somewhat different. Harold Covington, America's leading Nazi theorist, alludes to them as “the organs”, the parlance once used in Russia. The simple fact is that the police have a pecking order, just like the rest of us. While young black men of a certain type may be at the bottom of that pecking order, let no one be in any doubt as to who is at the top of it. The police treat everyone with contempt, everyone and everything, including the law of the land, which is why MPs have had to investigate the recent phone hacking scandal: the police had their fingers in the pie, and they can't be trusted.
Since 9/11 there has of course been heightened awareness of security issues especially with regard to Moslems. One of those at the centre of the aforementioned legal action stood trial for the 2003 assault on Babar Ahmad. He and this three brother officers were all acquitted - surprise, surprise - although Mr Ahmad was awarded £60,000 in a civil action.
The willingness of the police to beat up or frame innocent people across a broad political spectrum or none has allowed the left to promote an entirely false picture of their motives. Far from protecting “fascists” etc, the police have long considered the far right easy targets, more so than the “radicals” of the far left because of the resulting hysteria that always accompanies any political party or organisation that seeks to limit the influx of especially non-white immigrants into Britain.
While the left have been targeted largely for their street activism, the right have been dragged into court for such innocuous activities as publishing racist cartoons. Probably the nadir of this sort of nonsense was the treatment meted out to the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan, who died in 2009. Back in the 1990s, his premises were raided and masses of documents seized due to the publication of one poxy cartoon.
Curiously, the same people who whined hypocritically a few years later that Moslems were trying to censor the “democracies” over the affair of the blasphemous cartoons showed not the slightest interest in the persecution of one eccentric geriatric. Colin Jordan spent years fighting this case, and West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police squandered hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds of taxpayers' money out of sheer bloody mindedness.
There was an ironic twist to this affair; the person responsible for instituting this persecution was the Zionist Labour MP Gerald Kaufman. Kaufman is a rather unusual Zionist in that unlike most of his kind he believes Palestinians have rights, and has never been afraid to speak out either in favour of Palestinian rights or against Zionist atrocities. He was extremely vociferous in speaking out in the wake of the Gaza Massacre, so much so that he is now persona non grata with much of the Anglo-Jewish Establishment. Last May, the Jewish Chronicle newspaper alluded to him as the “Anti-Israel Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman” and implied that his rhetoric about the influence of the Israel Lobby was akin to that of the Nazis and their beloved World Zionist Conspiracy.
Returning to the Metropolitan Police and so-called racism, the waters were muddied considerably in April 1993 with the murder of Stephen Lawrence. This innocent youth was waiting for a bus in South London when he was attacked by a gang and stabbed by one member who was carrying a knife. Because Stephen Lawrence was black and his attackers were not, and because one of them had apparently used the dreaded N word, the usual suspects climbed aboard and turned a murder investigation into a crusade.
Although the murder happened in a well lit street in front of many witnesses, there were all the usual problems with an investigation of this kind. The sudden and traumatic nature of the incident, conflicting eyewitness accounts, and the reluctance of the police to jump in and arrest named suspects at the drop of a hat without any meaningful evidence resulted in no one being brought to book, and all manner of ludicrous allegations being made by the parents and especially the mother of the victim out of her ignorance of police procedure. One of the things to which Doreen Lawrence objected was the investigation of a possible drug connection with her son's death, which was simply one of the countless lines of inquiry that any murder investigation worthy of its name involves.
The net result of the incessant whining of Doreen Lawrence was a lengthy investigation presided over by Sir William Macpherson who in spite of his tenure as a High Court judge seemed as blissfully ignorant of police procedure as her, and made a number of bizarre and at times outright dangerous recommendations including the abolition of the double jeopardy law, which has now been instituted. [An analysis of this legal calumny can be found here together with some of the background to the Stephen Lawrence case; a more detailed analysis of the latter can be found here].
The bottom line of the Macpherson Report had little to do with justice and everything to do with instituting bizarre racial quotas and other practices so beloved of left wing race agitators and of course government lawyers some of whom are so mendacious they will draft virtually any law however repressive, unneccessary, unworkable or absurd.
The height of politically correct lunacy in Britain was the issuing of a warrant for a cartoon chara...
The height of politically correct lunacy in Britain was the issuing of a warrant for a cartoon character, "Titty Fart". The police raided the premises of a printer, kicking in the door, and later paid out nearly five hundred pounds in compensation - as usual with no admission of liability.
The result has been the hamstringing of the police, especially the Metropolitan Police, to such an extent that even the use of the odd racial epithet is now treated as only slightly less serious than serial murder. In other words, the Metropolitan Police have become trapped in the web of repression they were only too happy to weave, which begs the question, why should anyone care? The British police have shown their willingness to charge a woman with racial harassment for the “crime” of placing a golliwog in her own window; the Metropolitan Police have chosen on the one hand to “kettle” schoolchildren and women with young babies during peaceful protests while at the same time they have stood by and allowed mobs to riot, pillage, burn and even murder on the streets of London and of Britain.
For too long the police have been fixated on easy targets, persecuting people for non-crimes while at the same time allowing those who are a true menace to society an easy ride. If white police officers or any police officers now consider themselves to be an oppressed minority, they have only themselves to blame, and will receive scant sympathy from any section of the British public until they stop playing to the gallery and carry out the job they are paid to do, protect innocent, law-abiding members of the public and maintain order with neither fear nor favour towards any minority or vested interest, ethnic or otherwise.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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