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article imagePat Robertson says Obama is inciting OWS protesters to revolt

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 19, 2011 in Politics
On Monday, Pat Robertson, on his 700 Club TV show, accused President Obama of inciting Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests. Robertson said, “The match to the kindling is being provided by our noble president. He is inciting people to revolt.”
CBN anchorman Lee Webb wondered aloud whether the protests would turn violent, and said he didn't think so because the winter months were just ahead. Webb concluded,
"...but you know, as you look ahead to next year, an election year and the summer, your thoughts go back to 1968, which was a cauldron for this country.”
Last week, Pat Robertson had, after a CBN News segment which suggested the Occupy Wall Street protesters were "anti-American, drug users, Marxists and anti-Semites," said the protesters were "nuts" and "clowns." The televangelist claimed the Occupy Wall Street protests were influenced by Obama's socialism. Pat Robertson spoke at length:
"It’s kind of a nice little time to blow off steam and have some nuts express their points of view. The problem we’re dealing much more important than this, is the corrosive effects of the speech of our president. The president’s supposed to be the leader of all of us but he has chosen to attack a segment of our population, those who’ve been successful. He’s attacking those who own capital, those who use jet aircraft as a business tool, he’s attacking all the people who have any kind of luxury or wealth and yet he goes to Martha’s Vineyard and hobnobs with the rich. Nevertheless this is a continuous drumbeat that these people are taking advantage of is that the rich are evil, it’s the socialist cant that he picked up years ago in Chicago, but it is corrosive. We have to build an economy and the people who are making jobs don’t need to be vilified by the president. These clowns up there at this Occupy Wall Street are just picking up the president’s message, perhaps on a cruder form."
Daniel Sieradski, a Jewish media activist, one of the organizers and participant in the Occupy Wall Street protests, has criticized the allegation that the Occupy Wall street protesters are "Marxists and anti-Semites." He said, in an interview with Jared Malsin,
“I think it’s really despicable that the media, and in particular the conservative media, is going out of it’s way to falsely represent the activities here, which are not at all incongruous from the tea party protests, which they adamantly defended as not being anti-Semitic, despite the fact that there were way more people holding up anti-Semitic signs to the tea party protests.”
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