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article imageClinton in Libya fudges issue of cooperation with Islamists

By Katerina Nikolas     Oct 19, 2011 in World
Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to Libya on Tuesday where she expressed the hope that Col. Gaddafi will be killed or captured soon. She failed to answer a question concerning the U.S. position dealing regarding cooperation with Libyan Islamists.
On a surprise visit to Libya on Tuesday U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton praised Libya’s victory, even as the fighting continued. She said that the U.S. had been proud to stand by Libya as it stood up against a dictator’s aggression. Speaking of Col. Gaddafi she said “we hope he can be captured or killed soon.”As Clinton offered another $40 million in aid to Libya’s National Transitional Council she was asked if Washington would cooperate with Libyan Islamists. The Herald Sun reported she replied "We will support a process of democratisation that respects the rule of law, that respects the rights of minority and women and allows for a free media.” The question posed remained unanswered.
America has been implicated in the rendition of Abdel Hakim Belhadj to Libya whilst he was on an U.S. wanted terrorist list. On his return to Libya he was subsequently tortured by the Gaddafi regime and has threatened he may bring legal action over his rendition. Belhadj currently serves as Tripoli’s military commander and has influence over the Islamic fighters who joined the uprising against Gaddafi. Clinton’s failure to address the question over U.S. cooperation with Islamists leaves the question of U.S. policy regarding this issue unclear.
Russia Today reports on Clinton’s expressed hope that Gaddafi may be killed or captured by suggesting such a position supports a deliberately targeted assassination which may be illegal. RT interviewed Keith Harmon Snow, war correspondent and independent investigator, who believes there is a hidden agenda behind Clinton’s visit to Libya at this time. He said “Why is she there? Clearly to make it look to the American public like we are in absolute control of Libya. Cover up the atrocities, put a white, clean, shiny, happy, lovely face on the death and destruction.”Snow goes on to point out “There is a lot of fighting in Libya at present and almost everything we’ve been told, everything we’ve seen, is false. We are getting just a complete propaganda story of what’s going on in Libya.” Indeed there is little reporting of the disparate factions which the NTC is unable to control or their concerns that Islamic fighters are continuing to receive illicit weapons and funding without the permission or approval of the NTC.
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