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article imageWho speaks for the majority of Americans in poverty?

By Nancy Houser     Oct 19, 2011 in Politics
An overwhelming support of New Yorkers for the Occupy Wall Street movement shows that only 11% of New Yorkers blame Obama for the current economic problems.
Alternatively, the answer lies in the fact that poverty is considered a normal condition of people, with extreme poverty and white trash despised and rejected by society in general, specifically by the wealthy elite and the rich who are directly beneath them.
“The corporate agents known as the Republican Party and the Democratic Party do the will of the corporations and those whose pockets they enrich. This pleases the ego-incrusted, hateful rich deformed by their own selfishness and the drive to power to enforce its indulgence.”
Above are the apt words of Stephen Gifford, in his article, “Letter: We are pawns in system in which corruption of power is rewarded.” However, the word elite is wrongfully used when targeting both political parties. For a long time, politics have been purchased tools for the wealthy, with the word elite a misrepresentation of the most powerful, richest, and controlling people in the world.
To counterattack, today's corruption of power has been sharply defined on an individual basis by Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, the American people who support them, and Occupy Together movements around the world---a movement that is rapidly moving beyond boundaries toward common goals that the far right seem to be incapable of understanding.
For those who find it difficult to understand what Occupy Wall Street is about, they have developed the movement's "Wall Street for six-year olds" by Lemony Snicket.
If you work hard, and become successful, it does not necessarily mean you are successful because you worked hard, just as if you are tall with long hair it doesn’t mean you would be a midget if you were bald.
99 percent is a very large percentage. For instance, easily 99 percent of people want a roof over their heads, food on their tables, and the occasional slice of cake for dessert. Surely an arrangement can be made with that niggling 1 percent who disagree.
The elite vs the skilled cracker
Planned Poverty in U.S.A.
Poverty in the United States of America is planned, created, then, nurtured by capitalist in partnership with politicians.
Dorthea Lange
Ironically, describes the elite as skilled crackers. According to Wikipedia, being called a cracker was considered an ethnic slur that referred to the white inhabitants of Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas and Georgia---a derogatory insult that would eventually spread throughout the country, referring to the poor white rural American who had little formal education.
The word cracker was chosen as it was the common diet of poor whites, a slap-in-the-face of sheer contempt, labeled by those who felt they were above the poor in social status and mentality—a small percentage of wealthy elites who would manipulate those beneath them for the same corrupt gain as they do today.
When reading the book, “White trash: race and class in America” by Matt Wray and Annalee Newitz in conjunction with the Wikipedia piece on white trash, it became obvious that the term white trash was used interchangeably with the "crackers" of Georgia and Florida, the Appalachia "hillbillies", and the Oklahoma "Okies"---all referring to the lower social classes of poor white people in the United States who lived in substandard living conditions.
Throughout the world, there seems to be an emphasis on inferior backwoods mentality and moral failings of the poor, accused of being less than aware of the modern world around them. Poor people have been categorized as a low class of people deemed as dangerous individuals by the upper class and "respectable members of society." They were seen as the fringe society of a social order---considered to be criminal and unpredictable, with little (if any) respect for moral, legal or political authority. Their poverty and misery was looked down upon with dismissal and annoyance.
“Recently, I read about how the poor in Haiti have to mix mud in their food to make it go further. Mud. They mix it with flour to make a few more biscuits or simply fry it up with cooking oil or lard and salt to give it a bit of taste. Imagine a mother having to scoop up mud just to have something to feed her hungry children….
I realize just how good my family had it. Even in our poorest condition, we were doing better than billions of people are today.”(Crackers and Mud)
The inequalities of power
A homeless and unemployed man in Guelph  Ontario.
A homeless and unemployed man in Guelph, Ontario.
Regardless of stereotypes throughout history, negro slaves and the poor crackers were involved in very complex relationships due to their economic levels: love vs. hate and equality vs. inequality.
The shared impoverishment of negro slaves and poor crackers eventually would smooth out racial hostilities, previously reinforced and challenged by racial boundaries. There was no need of the inequalities of power that existed in the master and slave relationship, extending instead to a more evenly balanced social interaction those of poverty---regardless of race.
The “low economic standing of poor whites had the potential to alter the entire social context, even though like slaves, white crackers were considered social inferiors by the wealthy white landowners and politicians.” (Race relations at the margins: slaves and poor whites in the antebellum, by Jeff Forret. Page 17)
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been labeled as dirty hippies, chronic unemployed, homeless people with nowhere else to go, lazy college students refusing to find a job, and inconsiderate troublemakers. Due to their economic levels, like the crackers before them, they are looked at with disgust and disdain---while the corporation media views them in a scornful and condescending manner, simply because they are growing in power and have labeled themselves as an adversary of an established wealthy institutional power.
Yet they not only speak for themselves but for the majority of Americans.
CEOs and financiers now supporting Occupy Wall Street
From its most minuscule beginnings, Occupy Wall Street has been a somber threat to those corruptly involved in big business, main stream media, financial institutions, politics, the wealthy elite, and upper affluent classes. From these sources, a growing number of nationwide arrests of the Occupy Together movement are occurring.
However, numerous CEOs and financiers are now supporting Occupy Wall Street, along with big business leaders. According to the Washington Post,
“Unemployment is 9.1 percent. Underemployment is much higher than that, particularly among young people that don't have a college degree,” said Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, at a Thomson Reuters event on Monday. “It is natural to assume that people are angry, and I think we have to be empathetic and understand that people are not feeling great.”
Wall Street is one of the largest lobby forces in politics that exists today. Without change, they will fight against the middle class until it is destroyed, with many experts predicting the end of the middle class in America. One such person is Elizabeth Warren, the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, in addition to being a United States Senate candidate. She has been called by the Time magazine (May 24, 2010) as one of the “New Sheriffs of Wall Street,” in addition to Sheila Bair and Mary Schapiro.
In America, the majority rules, which would place the average American in charge---not the few wealthy. But the Nation of Change wrote that,
"The radical Bush-Cheney gang viewed majority will as a problem simply open to manipulation, rarely the solution or heart of America.
And when has dictatorial minority rule -- whether by white, male, slavery-accepting landowners in 1800, robber barons of the Gilded Age, ideological Supreme Courts, or economically-illiterate know-nothings -- not produced unspeakable pain and suffering for the majority?"
UPDATE: " According to Occupy Lincoln (NE), Occupy Wall Street has now formed a Demands Committee, to formulate concrete demands of action. I am happy to hear about this development!
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