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article imageUpdate on four adults held in subbasement

By Gar Swaffar     Oct 18, 2011 in Crime
Philadelphia - More information has been discovered and released regarding the four mentally challenged adults being held in horrendous conditions in a basement room in Philadelphia. The video of the victims can be disturbing to some.
Update 10-19-2011
Initially the information and article in Digital Journal regarding the four adults being held captive in a subbasement in a Philadelphia was sketchy on the details of who was being held and for how long they had been held.
Yesterday however, the Philadelphia Police released new information regarding the case with details on the victims.
One of the four being held captive had been reported as missing in 2005, Tamara Breeden is the 29 year old woman who was being held in the basement area along with three men. Breeden had been reported missing by her family in 2005 and despite not being found, a Philadelphia detective is reported by FoxNews to have closed the case. Two of the men are Derwin McLemire and Herbert Knowles.
McLemire said he had be lured to Weston through an online dating service and had failed in an escape attempt.
MyFoxPhilly also now reports a missing Florida 15 year old girl, Benita Rodriguez was found in Philadelphia on Monday and was last seen as reported by an unidentified Florida television station as being with the son of Gregory Thomas. Gregory Thomas along with Ed Wright and Linda Weston are being held in connection with the case. Weston is now being held on US$2.5 million bail for her part in the case.
The four adults were being held in a basement sub-room in a building which Weston's daughter lived at with her two teenage children for nearly a year, the daughter had a key to the basement. The daughter is not at this time being connected to the apparent crimes.
MyFoxPhilly offers a slideshow of the room the adults were being held in.
Weston and her boyfriend Gregory Thomas Sr. had lived in West Palm Beach prior to the move to Philadelphia where the homeowner told MyFoxPhilly that Weston had several disabled children in the home with her. The children had at times shown evidence of bruising and other injuries but the origin of the injuries had been unknown.
Weston reportedly left the home with more than $50,000 worth of damage to it.
A statement by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey noted that
"It's inhumane. It's terrible. And for someone to do that to another human being is very, very disturbing," Ramsey said outside the building. "… There is some indication that, as law enforcement or human services or some … government agency got close, they would move and change location. So that, literally, could keep this going on for – well, it did, for years.
It is possible one of the victims has been held as long as four or five years said authorities, one victim's (Herbert Knowles') grandmother told authorities that they knew something was wrong;
"I can't even explain – I can't even tell you right now because, you know, he was a trusting person, and they just took complete advantage of him,"
For those of a timid nature, the video from CNN and You Tube with the victims speaking can be heart wrenching. And for some it simply makes us angry that people are willing to treat another human being in such a fashion.
Without doubt, this will be one of those cases which continues to unravel as the investigation continues. The whereabouts of the children being housed at the West Palm Beach home is at this time unknown, with the FBI looking into how many victims there may be, .
It is again being reported, this time at MSNBC, that Weston had been convicted 30 years ago of murder by starvation of a man. No immediate reporting on a prison sentence is available.
Also, 10 young people were taken into protective custody in Philadelphia, the youngest 6 were reported by MSNBC to be aged 2 - 16 years of age and 4 were identified as 18-19 year old young adults, with the 19 year old being Linda Weston's niece who showed signs of abuse and malnourishment.
All of the young people were being medically evaluated.
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