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article imageHoward Stern dissects Occupy Wall Street crowd

By Michael Krebs     Oct 17, 2011 in Entertainment
New York - Comedic radio talk show host Howard Stern featured excerpts on Monday from interviews with select Occupy Wall Street protesters, highlighting the movement's lack of focus.
Self-proclaimed "King of All Media" Howard Stern, sent two of his interviewers to Lower Manhattan to better understand the motivations behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, collecting the thoughts of a select population that agreed to be interviewed on the reasons why they were attending the protest and on the solutions that the movement could bring to the broader American mainstream populace.
The Occupy Wall Street movement has been traced back to a June 9th origin, when Canadian-based Adbusters magazine registered the domain name, according to an account on Wikipedia.
However, according to a report published in The Week, the Occupy Wall Street gathering has its logistical origins in September.
Regardless of the disputed time-line on its origins, the Occupy Wall Street movement has become a global affair and has also become a natural attraction for bands of disaffected hippies and anarchists and the full gamut of the unemployed.
The core challenge of the Occupy Wall Street movement versus that of the Tea Party movement has been found in its lack of cohesive expression. It is hard to find a single unifying cause among the disparate voices that have come to define the movement's diluted dynamic.
"What do you hope to achieve by this protest," one of Stern's interviewers asked.
"What I hope to achieve is just to get our voices heard, you know?" the protester replied.
"Can you give me an example of what you would want to say as far as your voice being heard," the Stern team continued.
"'m sorry. I'm just mentally all over the place. I'm really tired. I haven't slept in two days, you know."
On and on the Stern team's line of inquiry went, and the Occupy Wall Street protesters gave their replies, appearing to highlight an ambiguity that Howard Stern and his crew have found so amusing.
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