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article imageOp-Ed: Update on Herman Cain, the Koch brothers and the Federal Reserve

By Nancy Houser     Oct 18, 2011 in Politics
Washington Post has released the article, “Cain’s longtime ties to controversial Koch brothers’ group key to his surging presidential bid,” with Cain’s entire political platform under the Koch organization, Americans for Prosperity.
Look at the facts.
A businessman who came out of political obscurity, Cain was a former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1992 to 1996---his only high-profile government job. Slate wrote that the only person who said he was the former head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve was Herman Cain himself. The Atlantic said he was a Federal Reserve Chairman, the Huffington Post write that he was its director, and a fan wrote he was a member of the Federal Reserve District Board. Obviously, the public has no idea who the man is.
As a rich man, when Cain was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2006, he was able to afford expensive treatments that helped him to go into remission---unlike many American citizens without a job or insurance. Yet this wealthy man who can afford the best insurance and running for presidential office has made himself out to be a Republican presidential “hopeful”---an outsider who says he brings fresh ideas to the country.
But Herman Cain is on the wrong side of history.
Enter the Koch brothers
Herman Cain has certainly become the “man of the hour” because of his rapid upsurge in the Republican presidential national polls, with his campaign manager and some aides previously associated with Koch’s Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Prosperity 101. This has caused Cain to become overly-scrutinized by the main media regarding his long-time connections to the Koch brothers, many wondering if the brothers could be the real reason Cain has risen so quickly to the top of the Republican candidate list.
The Koch Industries is a global industry that hires over 70 000 people. It is the second largest pri...
The Koch Industries is a global industry that hires over 70,000 people. It is the second largest privately held company in the United States.
Tin Eye
When the Drudge sent inquiries to Cain’s campaign group, asking about his political connections to the Koch brothers, they did not respond. Even so, it has been reported that Cain is said to have his “economic ideas, organization and support tied to the billionaire Koch brothers, who are labeled as financially bankrolling right-leaning causes through their Americans for Prosperity.”
The Washington Post reports that previous members of the AFP who are on Cain’s political campaign trail are Mark Block (campaign manager), Rich Lowrie (key economic advisor), Ellen Carmichael (spokeswoman), in addition to six to nine other AFP current and former AFP members.
What makes it look bad for Cain is that he does not include his work through AFP through his website’s biography, almost as if attempting to hide his personal connection to a the Koch organization that lobbies for less government regulation and spending, in addition to lower taxes.
Cain's relationship with the Koch brothers
The primary reason Cain is being scrutinized is because of his rapid upsurge in the Republican presidential polls, in addition to his campaign manager and numerous aides being associated with AFP.
According to the Arkansas Times, "Cain has been subsidized, promoted and used as a front by the Kochs for years, particularly in his famous 9-9—9 tax plan that will soak the poor and, coincidentally, enrich billionaires like the Kochs who back him. Surprise, a Koch ally helped him draft it."
The Kochs and men like them will gain many things if Herman Cain becomes president. That is the problem, not Herman Cain himself. If Cain was running on his own ticket, it would be better to handle as the man himself is popular. But under the influence of the Koch brothers? Well, let's just say they have their own agenda to promote, which is why they have primed and polished the man since back in 2005.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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