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article imageFour adults held in chains and locked inside a subbasement

By Gar Swaffar     Oct 16, 2011 in Crime
Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love, was anything but that recently while four adults were being held in chains inside a subbasement
Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, but it certainly must not have felt that way for four mentally challenged adults ranging in age from twenty nine to forty one.
Four adults were being held in a sub-basement for at least a week in Tacony, Pennsylvania, a historic neighborhood of Philadelphia.
The four were allegedly being held by three adults who have now been arrested by Philadelphia Police on charges stemming from the incident, charges which include false imprisonment, criminal trespass, kidnapping, and aggravated assault among others.
The three being held are the apparent ringleader, Linda Ann Weston (51), and her alleged accomplices, Gregory Thomas (47) and also Eddie Wright (49).
It is believed the four mentally challenged adults were being held for their disability checks by Weston and the two others. The trio had supposedly moved the four adults from Texas to Florida before winding up in Pennsylvania.
The four victims which included a 29 year old woman and three men aged 31, 35, and 41 were reported by ABC News as having been transported to a local hospital for injuries such as bedsores and malnourishment.
Because the victims are likely to have been transported across state lines, the FBI has also gotten involved in the case.
Fox News reports the sub-basement as being a 15X15 room in which an adult would not be able to fully stand up, with buckets to be used for restroom facilities and the steel door chained shut.
The conditions were first noticed by the landlord who had called police due to a dispute with a tenant. After police arrived they found a door chained shut with noises on the other side and thought it might be a dog.
Fox Philly reported that one unnamed Police source had said the room looked like a scene out of the film “Silence of the Lambs.”
The mental condition of the four victims has hindered the ability of the Police to determine where they came from and their true identities. As the investigation continues, one of the questions authorities are looking at is whether or not Weston, as the presumed ringleader, may have had other victims who have been used in the same way.
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