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article imagePlaystation Vita to come with 20 MB 3G download limit

By Abigail Prendergast     Oct 16, 2011 in Technology
The Playstation Vita is set to be released in Japan this December, while it will come out in the US the following March. With a 20 MB cap announced for 3G downloads, the practicality of buying the $300 version of the system is naturally being debated.
Sony's upcoming handheld, the Playstation Vita, is set to be released in Japan this December and in North America this upcoming March. The system boasts features such as front and back multi-touch screens, as well as Playstation 3 integration according to the official website. It would seem that with these and many more technological functions to brag about, the Playstation Vita will be an unstoppable gaming tour de force. That, however, might not be the case in every last aspect, at least not for those who decide to splurge on the 3G models of the handheld.
Late last month, Sony announced that the Japanese models of the system (at least to start out with) will have a 3G download cap of 20 Megabytes. Now news of the same limitation for the U.S. version has been released. While it is somewhat granted that Apple issued a 20 Megabyte limitation on iPhone downloads, gamers argue that Vita titles will be much bigger files than iPhone applications.
The Vita's 3G service in the United States will be provided by mobile carrier AT&T and it was stated by Chris Norden that the cap was implemented by the cell phone company and not Sony itself.
Even though there is said to be potential for the cap to be lifted sometime in the future, the real kicker here, as some are saying, is that since downloads via the WiFi connection will not have the same limitations, there seems to be less of a point of spending an extra 50 dollars on the 3G model.
The Playstation Vita will come in two versions, the WiFi only (starting at 249 dollars) and the WiFi + 3G model (which will cost 299 dollars). Not only will the 3G Vita cost more, one would need to purchase a plan from AT&T as well.
With its extensive set of new features, including augmented reality capabilities and dual analog control sticks, just to name a few, the Playstation Vita is looking to be quite the impressive device. And depending on your view of practicality, perhaps even 50 bucks that will remain in your pocket if you've been looking to buy one upon its March 31 American release.
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