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Police arrest white supremacist on mission to 'kill more Jews'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 12, 2011 in Crime
Eureka - Police arrested a white supremacist couple Joseph Pedersen, 31, and Holly Grigsby, 24, in Northern California. According to police, they were driving to Sacramento from California to "kill more Jews."
According to Reuters report, police suspect the couple committed murders in three states of the Pacific Northwest, over a period of two weeks.
Seattle Times says Snohomish county prosecutors are charging the couple with aggravated first-degree murder, the first of which was a murder in Puget Sound City of Everett, Washington. According to the police, the couple are being charged with murder of Pedersen's 69-year-old stepmother and father David Jones Pederson, 56. Both crimes occurred in Everett, Washington. Grigsby, in her confession to the Oregon State Police, said Joseph Pederson shot his father in the back of the head while he was driving them to a bus station.
According to Grigsby's confession, after Joseph Pedersen had shot his father, he took over the car and drove to Oregon were he shot Cody Myers, 19. Police also suspect that Pedersen and Grigsby killed Reginald Clark, 53, in Eureka, California.
Police first concluded the couple were white supremacists from Facebook postings by Grigsby and from several white power tattoos on Pedersen's body. Boston Herald reports one of Pederson's tattoos were the letters "SWP," that is, Supreme White Power.
Grigsby, according to Boston Herald, told police that at the time of their arrest, they were driving to Sacramento to "kill more Jews."
Police have been working to explain the killings and say Joseph Pedersen killed his father because he believed his father sexually molested his sister. Joseph killed his stepmother because she knew of the sexual abuse but did nothing to stop it. Cody Myers, 19, was shot because his name suggested he was Jewish. Reginald Clark, 53, killed in Eureka, California, was African-American.
According to the Seattle Times, Pederson is a three-time felon and was sentenced in 2001 to a two-year jail term after he threatened to kill a U.S. District Court Judge.
Federal investigators are studying the case to decide whether they should bring hate-crime charges against Pedersen in the murder of Cody Myers.
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