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article imageVideo: Cyclist hit by antelope while mountain biking

By Kim I. Hartman     Oct 11, 2011 in Environment
Kwazulu - Evan van der Spuy, a mountain biker competing with Team Jeep South Africa, was hit by an antelope while racing through the savanna of KwaZulu-Natal province. The video has went viral on YouTube garnering over five million views in less then 48 hours.
As seen on the video, Van der Spuy is riding through the Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve when a Red Hartebeest appears from outside the view of the camera and t-bones the unsuspecting rider.
Van der Spuy is thrown completely off his bike and is slammed to the ground with the wild buck landing on top of him. The cyclist was treated for a minor concussion and whiplash and released from the hospital. He sent out a message via Twitter letting his followers know that he was doing well, except for a stiff neck.
He said, "Just saw the footage that put me in hospital with a very stiff neck take my hat off 2 @traviswalkermtb you got some good camera skills man," referring to the teammate Travis Walker who caught the bizarre event on video using a GoPro camera mounted on the front of his bike.
Walker, who said the attack was completely unexpected, can be heard on the viral video saying "Watch the Buck," just before it body slams Van de Spuy to the ground and then "Holy Cow."
Red Hartebeest
Red Hartebeest
Hans Hillewaert
“I saw it coming closer so I braked, thought it would go in between the gap. It hit him, lifted him off the ground, landed in the grass … he started making weird noises and I didn’t know what to do,” said Walker, reports ABC.
Adult bulls in the Red Hartebeest family will weigh up to 330 lbs and can measure 1.3 m at the shoulder. They are known to be swift of foot and territorial, and will defend the young and females of the herd from a number of threats, including humans.
The impact with the wild animal was so severe it caused Van der Spuy's helmet to implode on his head. At the end of the video the cyclist says to viewers, "This is why you should wear a helmet."
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