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article imageRon Paul issues new advertisement, sees gains with Conservatives

By Michael Krebs     Oct 10, 2011 in Politics
With Herman Cain gaining influence among Republicans and Mitt Romney announcing his intention to increase defense spending, Ron Paul released a new television ad prioritizing defense spending at American borders.
Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul issued a new television commercial to further illustrate the differences between his candidacy and that of his more hawkish GOP rivals.
The latest advertisement from Paul aired in the wake of Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney's announcement that a Romney presidency would usher in an increase in defense spending and would take a more aggressive stance against Iran, as Businessweek reported.
“America must lead the world, or someone else will,” Romney said. “In an American century, America has the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world.”
Congressman Paul offers an alternative Libertarian-oriented view, suggesting that military investments should focus on U.S. border security and that wasteful military spending overseas for the governance of a militaristic American empire, as Paul sees it, should come to an end.
"The Paul plan for security," the voice-over in the Paul ad asks. "Start protecting America's borders. Stop wasting American money."
The new television spot also comes at a critical moment in the Paul campaign, as Texas Governor Rick Perry has slipped dramatically in the polls after two consecutive poor performances in nationally televised GOP debates. However, while Perry has faded, Herman Cain looks to have replaced Perry as the new darling among Republican voters eager for an alternative to Mitt Romney.
“The surge is real. He deserves better than being dismissed as the flavor of the week,’’ Todd Domke, a Massachusetts Republican political analyst, told the Boston Globe on the prospects of a Herman Cain nomination. “A lot of liberal pundits make the mistake of thinking this is just a fluke, but the more conservatives have seen him in action, the more they like him.’’
But the 2012 presidential contest is still in its early days, and Congressman Paul maintains a consistent message that continues to resonate with Fiscal Conservatives. This past week Paul won the Value Voters Summit Straw Poll, proving also, as his campaign's web property noted, that he can appeal to Social Conservatives as well.
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