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article imageOp-Ed: Where does money come from?

By Alexander Baron     Oct 9, 2011 in World
The people at Positive Money have published a new book called “Where Does Money Come From?” For most of us, the big question is: where did it go?
If it's true that money talks, it's also true as Dylan said that it swears, and that as Richard Armour pointed out, the only thing it says to most of us is goodbye. That is surely enough to give anyone the Zimmerman Blues. Having said that, the other big question is why should you or anyone shell out £14.99 plus £2.50 postage within the UK, or £4.50 with international shipping for a book when the same people are proselytising the truth about money all over the Internet at every conceivable opportunity?
How about to give them more ammunition?
Not having seen the book, it is difficult to pass judgment on it; they do though give us a taster including a video which can be found here. The authors reproduce and endorse that infamous Rothschild quote about not caring who makes a nation's laws provided “I” control its purse strings. That quote is at best apocryphal, but here is one that is not: “Does he, and do his colleagues, realise that half a dozen men at the top of the five big banks could upset the whole fabric of Government finance by refraining from renewing Treasury bills?”
That quote was dug out by Professor Quigley, and appears in his classic Tragedy & Hope; the original - confirmed by the current writer from microfilm - can be found at page 2 of the September 26, 1921 edition of the Financial Times. The question was directed at the then Government of David Lloyd George. The total ludicrousness of this situation can be seen by rephrasing it. Unless some unaccountable banker writes figures in a book, the wheels of commerce will and must grind to a halt; hospital patients must go untreated, businesses must fold, willing hands cannot carry out meaningful work...It is not clear how much of this the people at Positive Money understand, but they know enough to know that something is terribly wrong and that something must be done about it and soon.
This is a field in which there is legitimate room for disagreement, but the big issue, the only real issue, is that money is issued as a debt, and shouldn't be.
Check out their website, and if you don't buy the book, at least get active before the banksters take us all to the cleaners.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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