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article imageOp-Ed: Another 'two thumbs down' to Fido Special

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Oct 8, 2011 in Technology
Vancouver - In recent voice written by Steffan Illeman's op-ed about Fido services provided to large number of clients in Vancouver, here's another one based on my own experiences and dealings with respected company.
In Steffan's case it was all about the service activation fees. My case is about collecting "Fido Dollars" (FD).
The expression itself suggests that while collecting them you have something associated with value, expressed with money or the like. I have no bloody idea how the system works when collecting FD but with every single bill to pay you're reminded of some more and more FD accumulated on your account. And it looks fine when looking at numbers. At some point you may learn that your FD can be used when upgrading your telephone and getting a new one.
Can I pay my phone bill with FD?, I am asking. No, you can't, but you can get a new phone of the value equivalent to the already acquired FD. At this point my FD went down in value for the first time.
Chloe  my friend s innocent and playful young dog as opposed to Fido.
Chloe, my friend's innocent and playful young dog as opposed to Fido.
Some time back in 2004, in the middle of price war between Telus and new company called Fido, I signed up a 3-year contract for the services from the latter one that allowed me for flexibility of having instant messages instead of coming back home and browsing the incoming ones while I was away from the place. Trendy?, fashionable?, maybe, but it had been working OK, both for new clients and new company.
Then I renewed the contract in 2007 following the notice from the company about expiration of the contract. I went to the Fido store in Metrotown Centre in Burnaby and physically signed another contract by putting a signature on paper. In 2010 there was supposed to be another contract renewal but nobody had ever reminded me about this renewal. I silently, without paying any attention and not accepting anything, went to pay-as-you-go plan, technically no different from what it was before. I was still collecting FD, still thinking about getting a new phone in times of new upgrades of equipment that was sliding under our roofs every new day.
One day I phoned Fido customer service to get a new phone and they gladly gave it to me. We agreed that I could use the FD for it and I started to use the phone which came in mail a few days after I had arranged everything.
Chloe  my friend s innocent and playful young dog as opposed to Fido.
Chloe, my friend's innocent and playful young dog as opposed to Fido.
All of the sudden they informed me that I am liable to pay Fido some $Can190 for the phone upgrade. Reason? - I was not eligible to use my FD to get a new set because I was not under the contract. Only the customers under current contract were eligible for that service.
While talking about FD, they practically gave me a new phone but I had to pay for it.
During my all dealing with Fido to get a new set for FD, I was not interrupted by the customer services rep about my ineligibility of using FD while being a pay-as-you-go client. So my FD got devalued for the second time and I was collecting money for nothing - heyyaaa Dire Straits, money for nothing and cheques for free you're singing about is just my case!
Why did I get the new phone has been a lingering mystery to me or has it? They simply wanted money for the new set, even if I was not eligible to use my FD in the light of their current regulations. After calling these suckers back I learned about everything for the first time that the FD were just numbers to please customer who couldn't do anything with it. Also, I told them that I never signed anything on papers, no signature from me on any paper dated back in 2010. For this I got the answer that after 2010 I went on pay-as-you-go plan automatically.
To get a plan I have to let them know and that's fine with everybody but to change its condition is like doing the things "automatically"? Is that a good busines practice?
The situation got calmed down until early summer 2011 when I got a notice from the collection agency about my payment due to the unresolved payments with Fido. Now I am a big sinner, as always, bad guy as I have always been in many life situations before, this time thanks to Fido.
Now I am again under contract, still collecting FD but for what reason? Maybe because to warn others that doing business with Fido is a lying dog worth effort and headache at the end of the day.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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